springLobbyLanSrv (lightweight Spring lobby server running in LAN mode)

springLobbyLanSrv (lightweight Spring lobby server running in LAN mode)

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springLobbyLanSrv (lightweight Spring lobby server running in LAN mode)

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springLobbyLanSrv is a fully autonomous Spring lobby server running in LAN mode (no account management, passwords are ignored). Its main purpose was to ease non-regression and lobby protocol compliance tests for SPADS, and I've been using it for a while for that. However, I guess it could be useful to other people as a lightweight and easy to use standalone LAN lobby server, that's why I release it here under AGPL-3.0 license.

This program is:
  • portable (just put the binary file somewhere and run it, no dependency, no installation required)
  • easy to use (no need to configure anything, no command-line parameter required, no need to register any account, just use your favorite lobby client and connect to it with any login/password)
  • compatible with all lobby clients (tested with various versions of SpringLobby, skylobby, Chobby, TASClient...)
  • compatible with "hybrid" hosting with NAT and port forwarding (allow players from Internet to join LAN games and vice versa)
  • lightweight (~40 MB memory used while running)
  • fast (based on the high performance libev library)
  • opensource
It can be useful for LAN parties and lobby test/development, where you don't need a full featured lobby server but just need something working fast. If you need an autohost to ease game hosting you can then start a SPADS instance configured to connect to it (although using the LanServer plugin directly might be more appropriate for that). Of course you can also host manually with any lobby client.

Download links:

springLobbyLanSrv.exe (Windows)
springLobbyLanSrv (Linux)

More info + sources:

GitHub repository
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