springlobby reverting to 0.273

springlobby reverting to 0.273

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springlobby reverting to 0.273

Post by raaar »

Today my PC rebooted due to a win11 OS update, I open springlobby and i'm unsynced on my game room (metal factions) for some reason, despite engine, game and map being on my file system.

Then I check my springlobby version, it reverted from 0.274 to 0.273 for some reason.

I downloaded the 0.274 installer from the website and instead of 0.274 it installs me "SpringLobby 0.273-1-g46ec86698 (windows64)".

website text refers to 0.274:

SL version shown:

SL versions other users have (it seems nearly all have 0.273 too now, WTF):

What is going on?
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Re: springlobby reverting to 0.273

Post by Picassino »

Win11. So you sacraficed 25 % performance. To gain a older version. :D
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Re: springlobby reverting to 0.273

Post by abma »

for some reason the version set in springlobby is invalid. i'll try to recompile 0.274 with the correct version tag: thanks for the hint.
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