A fix for mines that sometimes don't explode on ba 9.46 or 9.75.*/ Considerations about mines explosion behaviour

A fix for mines that sometimes don't explode on ba 9.46 or 9.75.*/ Considerations about mines explosion behaviour

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A fix for mines that sometimes don't explode on ba 9.46 or 9.75.*/ Considerations about mines explosion behaviour

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For months and more likely for years, I had sometimes the impression that mines did not explode as a enemy land unit passes over or near it, for ba 9.46 and newer, until ba 10.01 (or 10.24, unsure). (Gif of this situation of mine no-explosion :https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... UHPRBJ.gif).

Reproduction of this situation of non-explosion, for ba9.46 or 9.75*:
You could probably test/reproduce this behaviour of non-explode mine by put spaced enemy cormine2 (with 3 times decrease spacing, i.e) along the crest of the alps on neurope_a7 and send ally spiders on them. Or maybe by place spaced mines (micro/light mine (armmine1 or cormine1) or cormine2) on a climb between "floor 0" and "floor 1" of throne v5 map.
(At some files I posted, detonaterange parameter is actually set to 64 for each mine category like in 10.24, but maybe for more relativity between mine category (armmine1, armmine2, cormine1 etc), it could be adjusted for each mine category, instead of always = 64. For example, for cormine1, detonaterange=40, for cormine2, detonaterange=50 etc.)
(For test with 2 instances of spring: The Spring Project • View topic - Run two instances of spring? http://springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.ph ... en#p512619.)

Considerations about mines explosion behaviour for ba9.46etc and ba10.24:
With ba 10.24, it seemed for underwater units, mines explode in relation to the depth of the water, and for ba9.46 etc, when underwater units passe under a mine it seems they don't explode.
I think this explosion behaviour should depend of what is considered: the weight of the unit passing over or near a mine or if these mines are electrodependent: if only the mass of the unit matters so for land and seamines, they should explode only if a unit is really near the mine, and if mines are electromagnetic dependant, they should explode not only when a unit is really near a mine (in this case, sometimes, not only hovercrafts should explode, with ba 9.46, with marines mines). Except if you want different behavior for marine mines than for land mines.

Update july 18, 2020:
Some weeks ago, I tested the previous fix imported from 10.24 with lot of mines but it decreased fps a lot compared to a ba version without this fix incorporated. Until now it was decided to not incorporate this fix in balanced annihilation 9* and 11.
Just range was set to 5 for each land mines in units folder (for example for \balanced_annihilation-v11.0.0\units\armmine1.lua (range = 5 (line 76))).
But mines explosion still not fixed for balanced annihilation v11, particulary for map "Evad_River_Confluence-v01".

Update july 20, 2020:
New widget wrote. It should resolve mines which sometimes didn't explode with BA 9 (from years). This widget give a self-d command for mines when an enemy is near, except if enemy speed > 120, (for example the jeffys or fleas or planes) or if the mine is put on wait. Widget not really needed to fix mines for BA 10.24 or BA test cause it seemed the mines were already fixed for ba10.24. And I didn't saw an option to put mines on wait for BA 10.24 (while it was possible for ba 9* or 11), so this widget should not completly work for BA 10.24. I tested impact of this widget for fps and didn't saw significative impact.And with widget profiler, percent was about 0 for total percentage of running time spent in luaui callins, and about 1kB/s for 300 armmine3 total rate of mem allocation by luaui callins. (Github link : https://github.com/tulipe7/scripts_for_springrts. )
I removed some zips I previously attached to this post.

Update 20 august 2020:
Widget attached on this topic updated to match the widget posted on springfiles and on github.
widget to fix mines explosions for ba11 and ba <=9
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