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Post by PicassoCT »

In the attached rar - is the patch for Spring.SetUnitPieceParent

The patch allows to Set the Hierarchy ParentPiece to any Piece of a Unit except Root.

I wrestled for 3 days with github, and while im quite used to it from Journeywar and other projects, trying to make a pull request is just absurdly dispproportional complicated to the task i try to accomplish.
Feel free to bash me as stupid.
I refuse to use dysfunctional tools, no matter how much they get promoted.

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Re: Spring.SetUnitPieceParent

Post by hokomoko »

https://springrts.com/wiki/Development: ... e_included

Some of the reasons why we ask for patches as pull requests:
1) Have patches tested automatically.
2) See the changes easily

Theoretically I could give you a single special exemption this time, but is it the last patch you'll ever submit to the engine? I don't think so. So we'll be better off if we use git.
I'll be happy to help you with git in the lobby (try to say "hokomoko" instead of just "hoko", or send me a PM to make sure it pings me)
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Re: Spring.SetUnitPieceParent

Post by abma »

I refuse to use dysfunctional tools, no matter how much they get promoted.
error messages / details please. git works (mostly) perfectly! what doesn't work?
PicassoCT wrote:Feel free to bash me as stupid.
very likely you are just trying to use a hammer as scewdriver. don't try to use tools which they weren't made for.
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