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SpringLobby datadirs

Posted: 02 Mar 2016, 18:59
by RebelNode
So I'm on 64-bit Win10 and I have springlobby installed in a directory where I usually install games.

Whenever I download mods/maps/engine with springlobby it will place them in "My documents\My Games\Spring". This is also where it will look for them when refreshing mods/maps so it works good. But when springlobby downloads a new version of the engine it will also place it under "My Games\Spring", but then it will try to look for it under %SpringInstallDir%.

Also when it fails to find the newest engine then it will just show desync for everything, even the mods/maps that I have in "My Games\Spring". Once I manually copy "My Games\Spring\engine" to %SpringInstallDir%\engine then everything will be in sync again.

I know these paths are configurable somewhere to fix the problem, but since 64-bit Win10 is probably the most common setup in years to come, it would probably be good to have the things work by default and not have everyone confused and give up with the setup if at all possible.

Re: SpringLobby datadirs

Posted: 29 Jul 2016, 15:53
by abma
sorry, i missed this topic.

which version of springlobby are you using? maybe its fixed in the current version?!