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Re: LD43

Posted: 01 Jan 2019, 04:03
by gajop
The results are out:
Scores so far: ... edit#gid=0

I thought we'd get in top 100 in at least one category, so I was surprised to see such low scores. I don't think we can claim users didn't get the game as Theme is scored highest (which usually implies they got the idea), but the ever-important Fun is pretty low.
Was the pacing bad? Did the game mechanics need to be more punishing - forcing you to use the right spell at the right time? Quite a bit to reflect on...

In any case, according to the official announcement, next LD is scheduled for Friday April 26th to Monday April 29th. In Japan this coincides with new emperor's coronation, which is a national holiday, so I'll likely participate again. Put it in your calendar!