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Parts Needed (LD35)

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Re: Parts Needed (LD35)

Post by gajop »

smoth wrote:I am a bit disapointed. I thought we created something pretty.
It was kinda-pretty, although the lack of upper ground texture and broken shaders on some PCs resulted in lower rating.
Also also ratings are correlated, if the game was more fun, the graphic ratings would go up as well.
smoth wrote:Should I not even bother doing art next time?
I don't see how you concluded that. The answer is no.
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Re: Parts Needed (LD35)

Post by smoth »

I think if we get scened ready next time as a tool for LD 36 that would probably be a big time saver.
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Re: Parts Needed (LD35)

Post by code_man »

I finally got around logging in again and i actually cought up with these games, i know im a snail.

Just wanted to say the ld games are fine, i was rather suprised how good they were and how little of spring was visible, if it werent for default chili theme and loadscreen i couldnt tell.
Its almost a shame nobody keeps working on them, area 17 in particular is really nice.

This one however doesnt seem to be so good as the others to be honest, it has a good theme but otherwise it seems rather lame, it seems nice but the gameplay was meh.
I tried finding secret rooms but ended up getting stuck.

Also how do i trigger more than the ending where nothing happend?

But good work anyway, maybe one of these days i help out if i dont have mountains of work on my todo stack.
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