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Re: FLove (LD34)

Posted: 06 Jan 2016, 06:07
by smoth
We didn't have a practice weekend did we?

Re: FLove (LD34)

Posted: 06 Jan 2016, 09:28
by gajop
smoth wrote:We didn't have a practice weekend did we?
We didn't. Whether we do it or not will depend on team composition, new technologies and estimated free time.
Silentwings wrote:The biggest irritation from my point of view was lack of widget selector. I'll try and be around for the practice weekend next time and get one set up in the template.
It's in the ever-growing TODO list: . Feel free to add it before. I think I can address most other issues.

The next Ludum Dare (35) is announced for the April 15th-18th.
Regarding the prep, if we do it, it will be one week before the event (as I'll be busy until then).

A major thing I think we need to improve on is innovation. We need to stop limiting ourselves by making games that adhere to Spring physics/combat systems and Spring unit movement. We shouldn't assume that games need to have units which have to be destroyed via Spring weapons. Our games can have no combat, they can be turn based, they can be heavy UI (managing/simulation games) and a lot more areas we haven't explored. I think this can also be more interesting for the future of Spring.
The major things I liked in our previous games:
- Gravitas: walls, push/pull beam and the whole puzzle aspect of it. If only collisions worked (and did so from the start) and we did "wasd" movement well, it could've been really good.
- Hunted: the "unit is invisible until you mouse over it": interesting mechanic that should've been explored further. We could've made several different "lamps", and focused on that aspect of the game (finding "invisible" stuff), instead of the shooter aspect (which wasn't bad, mind you, just not as innovative)
- Area 17: UFO beamup ability: we should've focused on that particular element of play and improved it further. That was the innovative part but we completely pushed it away and focused on the upgrade system and weapons instead.
- Flove: ...? There's frankly nothing new or interesting here except for the fact that nearly everything looked great and worked. It ended up looking awfully a lot like Hunted.

- In addition Hunted and Area17 gave us good base code for third person shooters (WASD + LMB/RMB controls) and Area17 also had an interesting upgrade system. Both things aren't innovative per se, but they make a good foundation for the future.

Re: FLove (LD34)

Posted: 10 Jan 2016, 01:45
by smoth
Innovation in the spring engine, I know I should not laugh but this engine is pretty frustrating. we would spend the entire weekend fighting the engine to make it do something else.