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Arm tech1 K-bot remake (texturing)

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Post by Snipawolf »

Bleh, team color, I forgot how to make your unit have none of it...

TBH, I think teamcolor kills half of the good textures...
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Post by LathanStanley »

it has some issues from my critique... I'm gonna be short, so its "kind"...

two things it needs

1- more contrast (where needed.. not random checkerboard contrast)
2- noize, scratches, dings, wear & tear. less "flat-blurry-fuzzy" surface...

thats as nice as I can be. Other than that, its not too bad.

consider (bolts, rivets, chains, flanges, brackets, hydraulic pistons, computers, screens, wires) added.. you know, the PHYSICAL parts that make things work. you currently have 2 fans, 2 vents, and some yellow/black striping thats hardly visible.. those things are good, use more.
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Post by Zenka »

well all scratses are of course lost due the increddible resolution the texture may be.
I don't think anybody will put wires outside the armor plating, nor any other vulnerable stuff. Though I can add more goodies just for the sake of it.

And good ide to give the boxes the detail of they are being opened and closed often.

The blue is just the teamcolor, I don't like it either, but those are things that needs to be done.

ps. oh and Stan, I don't ever consider critique to be insulting or whatever, I almost cheer on every reply ;) the more contructive, the better ^.^
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Post by IceXuick »

agree with lathan aswell. As much as i do appreciate your efforts, that you put into this... personally i still like the original better (from the screenshot zoom level, it even looks less detailed than the original.) As Lathan mentioned, contrast and more detail, i think, are the key factor. (the blueish color can be altored a bit right (you can set the ammount of teamcolor that should shine through? also the whole builing (non-team-colored parts) have a blueish tint over them. Desaturate them, or fill them up with the things Lathan said.

Just some idea's...
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Post by rattle »

There's not much to be done about the team colour I'm afraid. It's an overlay color, it doesn't blend in. I've been using a a value of 144 gray (or 111, depending on PS settings) which gave me some good results.
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Post by FireCrack »

I definitley agree wit lathan, you need a lot more contrast too, right now you cant thewll waht-from-what and it sjut looks like a greysih blob...
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