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Arm and Core logos

Posted: 20 Mar 2005, 23:32
by jouninkomiko
How about some logos for arm and core? Multiple sizes would work, but the one I'm looking for is to be put into the battle room... 25x25. Original ones would be cool :-D

Posted: 21 Mar 2005, 04:42
by [K.B.] Napalm Cobra
Perhaps vector art might be the way to go with these things, that would make it easier to resize everything.

Posted: 21 Mar 2005, 22:58
by Benito
What sort of background do you want? Transparent or some kind of texture?

Also, do you want them to be coloured (i.e. team colours), or just some fancy texture?

Posted: 22 Mar 2005, 02:32
by jouninkomiko
(shrug) i guess anything you feel like. the arm and core logos will be the icon for the listview in detailed mode. (open up explorer, and click view->details. you'll see what im talking about)

Posted: 22 Mar 2005, 11:45
by Guest

And if Atari comes aknock'n, use these:


Posted: 22 Mar 2005, 11:46
by Neuralize
Sigh, that was me. :)

Posted: 23 Mar 2005, 02:47
by Drake
Ahh... haha, that last one is just beautiful :)

Posted: 23 Mar 2005, 10:03
by Wolfy
Was just messing around in photoshop.. I rather like how they turned out.
Don't really translate into small sizes that well tho. Mmm, green :lol:

Image Image

Posted: 23 Mar 2005, 10:23
by [K.B.] Napalm Cobra
Oooooh, if only I could make iron-on transfers for my new iPod mini. *blatant bragging* :twisted:

Posted: 23 Mar 2005, 22:52
by jouninkomiko
hot damn those both are cool :) neuralizes are perfect for the battle room, and the other two would be cool to put into the game itself. but no final decisions there

Posted: 24 Mar 2005, 00:56
by aGorm
Wait?!??! Can Guests post here!? Noooo, ban them quickly! This is members only. And guys... those logos rock... Ummm green glows... Mighty Fists... MMMmmmmm (Im luvin it)


Posted: 24 Mar 2005, 02:10
by AF
Guests can still post here?!?!?!?!?!?! I thought I alerted the powers that be of this serious administration error, and to see it in the art forum?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Posted: 26 Mar 2005, 01:09
by Warlord Zsinj
Er, Alantai, what of that second post was not mentioned in aGorms post? Your post was entirely redundant. You should watch for that.


I'd like to see a throw back to the original "Circles" and "Squares" that was originally planned by the Cavedoggies. It simplifies everything, and is a cute throwback to the original game without impeding on any copyrights...

Posted: 26 Mar 2005, 06:23
by Neuralize
As pages and pages of talk go on about the TA copyrights, I don't really think anyone cares. I think there some marketing statistic that has already declared that so much time has passed that a sequal to Total Annihilation would result in poorer sells then UT2k400 or whatever.

TA was ground breaking, Ta was awesome, TA was not mainstream, it was the underdog for complex gamers.

Posted: 27 Mar 2005, 04:33
by WillRiker
Anonymous wrote: And if Atari comes aknock'n, use these:


Posted: 28 Mar 2005, 05:59
by Alt
Powerfully lame. I'll make proper ones.

Posted: 28 Mar 2005, 08:25
by Caydr
Actually those Photoshop ones look pretty nice, I didn't see them earlier. Here is my WIP 3D model version. Texxed version soon:


Posted: 28 Mar 2005, 10:20
by AF
*Aaaaaand Neuralize is down after Caydr claims topdog*

Posted: 28 Mar 2005, 14:04
by WillRiker
Neuralize are the best, they are funny yet cool and proffesional :shock:

Posted: 28 Mar 2005, 22:33
by [K.B.] Napalm Cobra
I reckon Neuralize's ones are corny.