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Posted: 24 Apr 2005, 20:32
by AF
Shutup riker

Posted: 21 May 2005, 13:18
by Manveru
Is there really a request for a new logo anyway? I mean, if ther's a copyright issue the whole game wouldn't be possible too :shock: .
Fortunately we experience TASpring at this time so I guess that's (hopefully) not the point.
Certainly a good 'Spring Logo' would be really nice but I can't see a advantage of new Arm and Core logos, do you?
Logo art (for itself) bothers nobody. :wink:

[EDIT Seems there is a copyright issue, but I plan to put back the original logos anyway if possible. /EDIT]

Posted: 01 Jun 2005, 05:51
by Grumble
I thought I covered this once before...

Here's two variants of each logo... a pair in stylish nanolathe green, a gold core logo and a blue arm logo. I did have a red version of the gold core logo but I seem to have misplaced it.


Posted: 01 Jun 2005, 08:50
by [K.B.] Napalm Cobra
Oooh, nice, under what conditions are you releasing these?

Posted: 01 Jun 2005, 13:34
by Stealth870
Under the condition you give him your child and a can of Pepsi? :wink:

Posted: 01 Jun 2005, 21:37
by Grumble
Eww... carbonated beverages, ick :P

I would say give credit to me somewhere, perhaps drop me an email and tell me you're using them so I can go look and say "see, my logos ARE being put to good use" :P

Posted: 09 Jun 2005, 11:01
by shnorb
found it! red looks better imo.


Posted: 09 Jun 2005, 15:43
by Min3mat
mmmm i like it :lol: ties in with the GooD vs EviL theme! keep it up! :P

Posted: 10 Jun 2005, 21:40
by shnorb
as i said in the tauniverse forums, im gunna pay grumble to make the spring menu grafix and stuff :P even if it costs me 6 months of pay!