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Posted: 02 Apr 2005, 01:45
by WillRiker
where did that screen come from anyway? got any more?

Posted: 02 Apr 2005, 01:53
by AF
Sean mirrsen, he ha a habit of posting screenshots i obscure threads, most of which where lost when the forum was wiped

Posted: 02 Apr 2005, 04:52
by Nemo
that screen was from that web page, just click on the arm decoy commander

Posted: 02 Apr 2005, 04:55
by [K.B.] Napalm Cobra
Pity his comp sucks so they don't have all the graphics features. :(

Posted: 05 Apr 2005, 13:26
by WillRiker
original TA team :-) feels good, they r all dead, ta is from another mellenia remember.

Posted: 05 Apr 2005, 13:45
by AF
On the contrary riker, *points into the corporate distance of the gaming industry* They're over there.

Posted: 06 Apr 2005, 15:43
by PauloMorfeo
WillRiker wrote:original TA team :-) feels good, they r all dead, ta is from another mellenia remember.
The original developer, Chris Taylor,
all Hail Chris Taylor!!!,
is active at the Gas Powered Games. They made Dungeon Siege and recently Dungeon Siege 2.

A few years ago, on the 1st of April one site started a rumor that there was going to be made a new RTS by Chris Taylor, the "Chris Taylor's really cool wargame".

Since alot of people started to go to the Gas Powered Games web page, they eventually made a poll asking people if they were going there to check on news of a new RTS.

Since they were asking that, i thought i might as well ask them by mail if there was any intention of making a new RTS with the leadership of Chris Taylor.

They answered me saying that yes, they were planning a new RTS under the leadership of Chris Taylor and that it was not going to be TA2.

Posted: 06 Apr 2005, 15:52
by AF
Which leads us all to the messy they cant make TA2 they dotn ahve the rights tot he name, and the phantagram business. I think the last I heard was the TA2 project was dead and phantagram ahd pulled out. Eitherway TA2 shouldnt have sprite based graphics amde by some korean ro japanese coder. TA2 should be made with the community who adored and supported OTA so much. Thats what spring is, and no phantagram ro chris taylor is ever going to outdo it because if there si soemthignw rong ith spring we know instantly and we fix it overnight, with a corporate game we have to wait till it's released before we know there's soemthign we dont like at all. Spring is what we the community want and if it isnt then we'll just say so and tell them what we want.

Sorry for the big block of text...

Posted: 08 Apr 2005, 14:44
by Warlord Zsinj
Co-manders! Tansformers, in disguise!


Posted: 09 Apr 2005, 00:38
by smoth
egad, please tell me we will not have that particular commander model forced on us with spring? That thing looks like it has a huge poly count!

Posted: 09 Apr 2005, 02:39
by Nemo
well, i wouldn't be concerned about that...only two commanders will ever be in game at once....unless spamming decoy comms becomes popular for some reason.

a few of the models do have higher poly counts, but only for the units which 'deserve' them or are unlikely to be used in, the commander, the krogoth, and a few of the more expensive boats (since TA: spring will be XTA, in which the krogoth is much more expensive, you won't see many krog packs <_<)

Posted: 12 Apr 2005, 04:04
by Neuralize
I emailed the guy originally responsible for this, and he said he's super busy.
Hey Dude, sorry i havn't contacted you in a while.....

I've started uni! Bachelor of Emergency Health (Paramedic) Degree....3

Anyway, bottom line is that because the course is so full-on i have had
time to spare for spring....worse still is that those network problems
i had
all those months ago *still* havn't been fixed....meaning that
everything i
do is a round-about way of getting all my work from one computer (where
make the assets) to the other computer (which is much faster, and can


I'll drop by the forums and see what's cooking.


Posted: 12 Apr 2005, 16:13
by PauloMorfeo
Neuralize wrote:I emailed the guy originally responsible for this, and he said he's super busy.
That's what happens when we get dependant on a single person. People have real lives which are more important (most times) than this digital life.

It must be arranged a diferent way of doing things...

Posted: 15 Apr 2005, 18:50
by Sean Mirrsen
Well, it wasn't dependant on a single person - it was dependant on me, too. But I, as he, got entangled in different affairs, out of which I hopefully will soon escape. I regretfully inform you that no work other than what you saw has been done on the models. When (or if) I get done with my two school projects, I'll try to carve some time for modelling and scripting, but until that it's all unknown...

Posted: 16 Apr 2005, 15:05
by PauloMorfeo
Sean Mirrsen wrote:Well, it wasn't dependant on a single person - it was dependant on me, too.
I shouldn't have said «a single person». Two (or even more) is better but, in this model of development, it still has the same problem.

You two would either eventually get drawn into real life or feel pressured into keeping on «work» even with that work interfering with your life.

There must be a way to keep things rolling even with some people leaving and others joining.

Something like a wiki page hosted in a site or something...

Posted: 19 Apr 2005, 20:58
by Caydr
Who do I contact about adding my completed models to that Sathanas list?

I really hope that everyone who is remodeling stuff is doing so properly, in a way which won't involve rescripting everything. Would suck to have all that work wasted.

Posted: 28 Apr 2005, 11:36
by MaD187
WillRiker wrote:
I don't see what you mean
Image<--optimus prime

all of them look like jap cartoon characters. some of them r in the "transformed" phase other r in the pre-transformed phase :wink:

holy shit that's funny

Posted: 29 Apr 2005, 19:24
by Buggi
The point of the Spring engine, if I remember correctly, was to create an engine based off of TA units and then expand that concept to new areas.

I'd like to know what Spring can handle as far as poly counts. I like massive wars, so 5,000 units isn't out of the ordinary. MUAHAHHAHA!!

Although, I added some units and am getting a unit categories error pop up in the chat window while testing... wtf is up with that?

Programmer and Lifetime Gamer :D

Posted: 01 May 2005, 08:30
by Kinection
Someone can make a PHP site that let's registered users upload contents. Then categorize and offer it for download.

Then have a rating system for each submitted unit. The one's with higher rating will be used, provided it passes the Spring test.

That way, it'll be pretty much automatic except for the peer review part.

//EDIT:: and is this forum going to be forever locked so that only administrators can post new topics?

Posted: 01 May 2005, 12:31
by zwzsg
My PC isn't top notch, and games where you hit the unit limit are the best. Has anyone conducted tests to check the impact of those very hight poly units on framerate and computer ressource consumption? I'd like to have numbers and charts.

Remember that TA stands for Total Annihiation, which means massive all-out war with five hundreds units per player, hopefully more with Spring, seen from far above. It's not about kbots' skin beauty contest.

What would be best if to have different players with different setup use different units models, yet be compatible, just like OTA where changing .3do only was transparent multiplayer-wise. That way each one can choose a set of model with a polycount appropriate for his PC, yet battle with anyone else. That does mean no rescripting for new units, Sean.

Currently it's not the case with Spring. When playing with people having different models, the chat is flooded with "error synch" message, and even if we can play for a while, the game is instable and often crash before we finish it. Not to mention weird things like each player having his own version of how the game went ("No, I was razing your base and killed your comm!" "WTF? you never attacked me, all I saw when marching toward you were your solars and mexx!).