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CSS Spring Logo

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CSS Spring Logo

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The spring logo is a rasterized logo, no true Vector version exists, but not there's a CSS/HTML version! This should scale up and down infinitely, but also includes some changes:
  • No more glossy sheen, this is 2016 not 2007
  • Shadow around the edges removed
  • The radius of the outer corners and the inner corners was messed up, this has now been fixed so that they both have the same/correct focal point
  • Reduced the width of the blue border
  • Simplified the red diagonal gradient
Here's a codepen demonstrating it:


The font size will scale the entire thing up or down. Use arial/helevetica for any text inside, and feel free to adjust the text-shadow property for best effect or switch to box-shadow. I recommend placing an icon font or an SVG in the inner div for maximum effect
Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 17.32.20.png
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Re: CSS Spring Logo

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Vector all the logos
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