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not sure should i post this into bugs or into art :)

Posted: 14 Nov 2005, 13:52
by Masse
there u go pile of brawler... that is annoying bug but awesome 8)

Posted: 14 Nov 2005, 13:53
by Min3mat
hehe art for sure now nuke the fsking OP brawlies! :D

Posted: 14 Nov 2005, 17:33
by mongus
and post the video :)

Posted: 14 Nov 2005, 18:56
by jcnossen
Nice art :P

I'd say it's a feature and not a bug. What game allows you to build a pile of aircraft? !!

Posted: 14 Nov 2005, 21:03
by AF
In spring 2 brawlers cnat occupy the same space, just as 2 fidos cant do ti, so they stack.

But nothing stopps you pilling 120+ fidos onto the same set of co-ordinates:


Well 6 at least, I have an image of a choke point where I've got 200 or so fidos crammed into a small space tryignt o pass a piece of wreckage in the way.