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This tool looks wonderful (Pixexix)

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Re: This tool looks wonderful (Pixexix)

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Cremuss wrote:No I'm not working for blizzard :p but I have a meeting soon with asobostudio because I successfully past a test they gave me, to hopefully get a job as a 3d modeler... We'll see :-)
Arugh, that website makes my eyes bleed with fail. That's what happens when you get a flash developer who hasn't been laid in 5 years. Waaaay too much time on his hands and not enough porn. So you end up with website body content that shifts it's horizontal position when you happen to make the mistake of moving the mouse. It's quite infuriating really, especially when all you want to do is turn the sound on in the app yet you have to chase it around.

oi, fail.
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Re: This tool looks wonderful (Pixexix)

Post by Wombat »

Arugh, that website makes my eyes bleed with fail
wanted to check their site and see what interesting they made, but i resigned ;p
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Re: This tool looks wonderful (Pixexix)

Post by Cremuss »

I agree, the site is awfu... .. great ! (asobo is watching me)

Back to the topic, the tool is cool, even if it's supported internally by many softwares nowadays (blender, 3dsmax etc), but it's just not that useful. :roll:
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