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Just a thought

Posted: 14 Aug 2005, 20:09
by LathanStanley
I've been AWOL for awhile.... but a random thought came to mind...

(it'd generate alot of work... but it is a step forward)

how about adding UV Mapping to the sprites in spring??

why stick with pattern application to faces??

I would make it an "optional" thing for units, but imagine the detail we could pain on units if each unit got its own 512x512 texturemap :wink: ...

might be do-able might not

Posted: 14 Aug 2005, 20:12
by Torrasque
There is thread about a new model format that is being dicussed there :

Perhaps you can add good idea.

oh, and I do not know if any decisions have been reached.

Posted: 15 Aug 2005, 03:20
by AF
The SY's dont announce their decisions, they just appear one day in the CVS.