Image resizer released

Image resizer released

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Image resizer released

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I tweaked it a little. You can edit images that are >= or == to the size you specifiy. So if you put 32x32 in and have all greater than, it'll do everything higher and equal to 32x32. If you use equals, it'll just do 32x32 images only.

One IMPORTANT NOTE is that the == takes priority over >=. So if you have numbers in all 4 boxes, it'll be the second pair of numbers that take priority always.

Like I said before, this is just a little app I threw together for my own use, I really had no intension of releasing it, but some people expressed interest in it. So here it is. Please don't request new features or whatver. If a bug surfaces, I can take care of it. :-)

Get it:

When it resizes, it uses a High quality Bicubic algorithm, and saves as 24bpp. It only does BMP files. :P

p.s. Yes, it's a C# app.
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