DDS saving

DDS saving

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DDS saving

Post by bobthedinosaur »

okay, i want to use DDS format on my textures because of the compression. but when i try to save a dss photoshop says 'too many layers error 5'. but only when i use an alpha. what am i doing wrong here, i need alpha for transparency and for team colors, so how do you save dds in 32 bits?
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Re: DDS saving

Post by LathanStanley »

dds is over-rated....
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Re: DDS saving

Post by FLOZi »

Use dxt3 or dxt5
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Re: DDS saving

Post by rattle »

Combine everything to the background layer (Layer -> Merge to background layer) and remove all superfluos alpha channels except one (for your team colors or texture 2 transparencies), then save as DDS. The plugin expects three or four channels, RGB and alpha. If you don't merge everything to the background layer then you have one additional channel because of layer transparency, even if everything's fully opaque.

Also, you shouldn't depend on layer transparency at all, use alpha channels! The former causes issues.

You can undo the background layer merge after saving, of course.

I'm using 8888 ARGB myself atm. instead of DXT, because you can see the artifacts pretty good sometimes. Especially gradients on alpha channels are pretty much ruined.

One more thing: set mip maps to All if it isn't by default, Spring expects them and crashes if they aren't present.
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