SATOTW #3: Enabling replay auto-upload

SATOTW #3: Enabling replay auto-upload

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SATOTW #3: Enabling replay auto-upload

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SPADS Admin Tip Of The Week #3: Enabling replay auto-upload

Since version 0.10 SPADS supports automatic replay uploading to, which allows players to download and watch the replays of all the games played on your autohost.

To enable this functionality, you need to:
* log in once with a Spring account which will be the "owner" of the uploaded replays:
* update endGameCommand, endGameCommandEnv and endGameCommandMsgsettings in spads.conf as follows (replace <owner> by the actual Spring account used in previous step):

Code: Select all

endGameCommand:python -v -r %result -d %gameDuration "%type on %map" "autouploaded" "%type,%structure" "%demoFile" "<owner>"


endGameCommandMsg:(0)Demo file uploaded to|(1-9)Failed to upload demo file!
* WARNING: this configuration will send your autohost password to the replay site for authentication. If you don't want this to happen, you can create a new Spring account just to upload the replays (replace %ahName and %ahPassword by this account name and password in previous step)
* restart SPADS
If you want more information about the replay upload script, full documentation is available here. If you still have questions concerning this script or the Spring replays site, you can contact Dansan.
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