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SATOTW #1: Anti-smurf configuration

Posted: 02 Oct 2011, 23:41
by bibim
SPADS Admin Tip Of The Week #1: Anti-smurf configuration

Here is a tip for SPADS autohost owners. To activate automatic anti-smurf you have to:
- activate user data retention (userDataRetention global setting)
- set default rank mode to "ip" (rankMode preset setting)

You can edit following lines for example in spads.conf:

Code: Select all

The only drawback of this configuration is that SPADS will use a little more more memory, but it's worth it.

Re: SATOTW #1: Anti-smurf configuration

Posted: 03 Mar 2015, 00:53
by bibim
This tip has become a bit obsolete since TrueSkill is implemented (cf SATOTW #2), because the TrueSkill service comes with its own anti-smurf system.

However it is not entirely obsolete, because enabling user data retention as explained in this topic allows you to use following commands: !searchUser, !smurfs and !whois

Also, when the TrueSkill service is unavailable, SPADS falls back to its internal smurf database if available. So if you didn't enable it you have no smurf protection at all when the TrueSkill service is down.