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Post by Forboding Angel »

*warning, actual critique coming, if you can't take constructive criticism, then leave now*

Ok first of all. The dirty green grass looks really off, and the blending betweent he two types of grass is kinda ugly. Especially in an ocean setting. Way too much bumpmapping, looks like the ground has acne. Sides of cliffs look terrible.

To fix the cliffsides, take the texture into photoshop and select color range on the heightmap overlay where the cliffs would be. Then use that selection to chop out the cliffs part, and have the l3dt render underneat, so that the cliffs render in l3dt shows through, and no swet, you're done.

All that said, the new layout for sail away is absolutely FANFUCKINTASTIC. I like the new layout one hell of a lot. Turns Sail away from being boring island hopping, into strategic island hopping. Very nice.

Overall, the layout is great. Texture needs a lot of work. All in my opinion.

Nice job!
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Post by IceXuick »

Well thanx for the checking and playtesting!

the bumpmapping thing i can fix by lowering the opacity off the bryce overlay. I'll take a look at that. I don't know why you don't like the cliffs? When i put the l3dt render and the bryce next to each other i find the cliff/rocky bits of bryce alot nicer (more detailed, but question of taste maybe). The dirty green grass could be different indeed, i'll check that one aswell.. Any ideas/suggestions on what you do like? I'll try and change the overlay of the l3dt render for a test run!

thx for the rest of the post!!

If someone else has other tips suggestions, hopefully also some about the gameplay of the map, i can fix both of the looks and probably metal/geo layout.. if needed.
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Post by smoth »

Well, the thing is from above the cliffs look fine but on the sides the stretching looks awful. I have not said anything yet but yeah.. it looks bad.
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Post by Flint »

Wow great work, as usual ice. Now only if more people would play sea maps.
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