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Post by Silentwings »

20x10 team games map, for 3v3-8v8.


Get it here: http://springfiles.com/spring/spring-maps/enclaves
Made with World Machine.
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Re: Enclaves

Post by hokomoko »

It looks pretty interesting.
Or maybe interestingly pretty. :wink:
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Re: Enclaves

Post by Super Mario »

It looks bland.
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Re: Enclaves

Post by Forboding Angel »

IMO it needs features. The flat land should be flat instead of sloped in a v shape.

It's pretty and I like the idea but I feel as though the bowl doesnt do it justice.

Features would take the prettiness up quite a few notches.
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Re: Enclaves

Post by Orfelius »

It looks very similar to delta siege, but then so does 30 other maps .I guess you either of love or hate them kind of a deal.
At least it is eye pleasing which I cannot say for most DSD-likes (looking at you Blend Warland).

Can't really say I personally liked this one but I am sure that ZK teams crowd will love it.
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Re: Enclaves

Post by dansan »

Looks like interesting battles even in 8v8 fashion. Ground looks like a lot of rain / an army already erroded it - bland, but I like it.
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