Hourglass v1.0

Hourglass v1.0

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Hourglass v1.0

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Celebrating TA Prime’s (www.fluidplay.co/taprime) release week, I’m also releasing my first Spring map, Hourglass. It was designed with TAP & BA economies in mind, and extensively play-tested on many matches during TAP’s beta development, but it should work for most *A games. Follows some of its details:

Design goals:
  • Support up to 16 players, best gameplay for 3v3s and above
    Multiple possible startbox configurations: east vs west, top vs bottom, corners
    5 separate combate lanes on an average-sized map
    Metal “pockets”, groups of three metal patches to prize map control
    High-ground outer lanes: Rich on Metal and energy
    Central lane: Metal-rich and wide
    Intermediary lanes: Energy-rich, providing access to outer and central lanes
    Access ramps harder to climb by vehicles, especially the short ramps
Technical characteristics:
  • NPR (Non-photorealistic) yet detailed visual style
    Map-wide normal and specular maps, hand-tweaked for improved visual quality
    Rich, average and poor metal patches, with distinguishable custom art for each
    Richer (yellow) and standard trees
Production Workflow:
  • Illustrator - Shape blocking and layout
    Terrain Generation - Gaea
    Map Editing and Post-processing - Photoshop
    Feature Placement - Springboard
    Map Compilation - PyMapConv
Map Download Link:

Flythrough Gif:
https://media.giphy.com/media/l3t3VWbRE ... /giphy.gif
(429.03 KiB) Not downloaded yet
(359.9 KiB) Not downloaded yet
(184.8 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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