Lobby protocol proposals: SETBATTLE:cli FAILED:serv

Lobby protocol proposals: SETBATTLE:cli FAILED:serv

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Lobby protocol proposals: SETBATTLE:cli FAILED:serv

Post by abma »

SETBATTLE is meant to set status for users in a battle, for example color, team & handicap.

see https://github.com/spring/uberserver/bl ... l.py#L2582

plan is to replace the commands FORCETEAMNO, FORCEALLYNO, FORCETEAMCOLOR, FORCESPECTATORMODE, DISABLEUNITS, ENABLEUNITS, ENABLEALLUNITS, HANDICAP. (basicly most/all commands which have username & value as parameter referencing some command in a battle)

FAILED is meant to give clients better feedback about what failed, format is:

FAILED <failedcommand> <error message>

https://github.com/spring/uberserver/bl ... l.py#L2631

it will replace SERVERMSG which is currently used for most error messages.

thoughts about this?

did i miss sth.? does this command already exist or is it redundant?

it basicly picks up the property map idea but is slightly simpler:
https://github.com/spring/uberserver/bl ... rtymap.txt

edit: renamed to SETBATTLE (thx jk!)
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Re: Lobby protocol proposals: FORCECLIENTBATTLE:cli FAILED:s

Post by jK »

just minor, but why "FORCE" and not "SET" or "CHANGE"?
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