Lobby :: Dev meeting minutes 2012.04.16

Lobby :: Dev meeting minutes 2012.04.16

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Lobby :: Dev meeting minutes 2012.04.16

Post by koshi »

Lobby Dev Meeting 2012-04-16 20:58:48.844766

  1. welcome
  2. protocol on web
  4. FORCEJOIN/!join progress
  6. remaining uberserver commands
  7. server development/documentation / what was done this week
  • [V]sheep
  • BrainDamage
  • _koshi_
  • Licho[0K]
  • [ARP]hoijui_irc
[ARP]hoijui_irc: rollin

Agenda Item 1:welcome -------------------------
_koshi_: i'll volunteer for minutes today
_koshi_: since i'll prolly need to tweak bot anyhow
[ARP]hoijui_irc: thanks :-)

Agenda Item 2:protocol on web -------------------------
_koshi_: http://springrts.com/dl/LobbyProtocol/ now is updated daily from master, thanks to abma
_koshi_: nothing more to say about that I guess
Licho[0K]: pretty
_koshi_: if you get the protocol git and have xsltproc installed you can generate that too btw
Licho[0K]: whats the meeting plan? Can i ask about FORCEJOIN/!join progress?
_koshi_: after the next one
Licho[0K]: its still not on the uberserver .. i guess there is no chance you would implement !join as suggested originally..

Agenda Item 3:CHANGEEMAIL -------------------------
_koshi_: only admin can change other users email? or moderator too?
Licho[0K]: moderator too .. seems like common thing people forget/enter faulty stuff
_koshi_: moderator should be able too
[ARP]hoijui_irc: the protocol doc sais only adin
Licho[0K]: and moderators should be reliable
[ARP]hoijui_irc: i agree, moderators shoudl be able to do it too
_koshi_: alright, i'll fix the wording then
[ARP]hoijui_irc: thanks
_koshi_: does the email have to be unique, or can multiple account have the same email set?
_koshi_: i've skimmed the last minutes,
_koshi_: and we agreed multiple accounts with same email to be ok
[ARP]hoijui_irc: moderators are called priviledged in SpringLS source (and TASServer), dunnu about ueberserver
[ARP]hoijui_irc: ok, thanks
[ARP]hoijui_irc: i stumbled over these two things when trying to implement CHANGEEMAIL
[ARP]hoijui_irc: now should be doable
_koshi_: alright
Licho[0K]: tbh i woul devne request unique email and registration through mail but thats different topic
Licho[0K]: to reduce smurfing a bit
[V]sheep: would need to accomodate for bots
_koshi_: I don't have much hope that the unique requirement would actually dent smurfing
[V]sheep: if you allow single email-multiple account, at least you can quickly figure out farmers/smurfs
[V]sheep: unless they take care
_koshi_: it's a trap!
Licho[0K]: if its voluntary email .. i dunno if they enter it
[V]sheep: oh true
Licho[0K]: i use simple 1234 password for everything, including all autohosts and my licho account
Licho[0K]: and it works
[V]sheep: will be nice in the minutes :)

Agenda Item 4:FORCEJOIN/!join progress -------------------------
[ARP]hoijui_irc: well.. FORCEJOIN is still implemented in SringLS, and i guess nobody really knows about ueberserver
_koshi_: unless aegis has coded in secret, he has as far as i can see did nothing towards any of the changes discussed in the last meetings
[ARP]hoijui_irc: ok
_koshi_: and no, I don't want to implemented !join. Even less since I've implemented FORCEJOIN
Licho[0K]: i checked uberserver, its not there
_koshi_: anything else on this item?
[V]sheep: ... no it seems
BrainDamage: maybe set a time, and start testing springls in the meantime?
BrainDamage: if no activity from aegis is reported until then, consider switching
BrainDamage: this way everyone would be happy
[ARP]hoijui_irc: yeah.. starting to test springls is a good aproach
[ARP]hoijui_irc: we either end up with two valid servers software then, or at least one
_koshi_: maybe you can coordinate some focused testing later this week?
_koshi_: it's prolly better if you're present for that
Licho[0K]: i would recommend trying to patch uberserver instead
Licho[0K]: its not big piece of code
[ARP]hoijui_irc: yeah true
[ARP]hoijui_irc: this week is not good though
[ARP]hoijui_irc: if you replace instead with in addition to, i agree
[ARP]hoijui_irc: and if you find someone :D
[ARP]hoijui_irc: i will nto do that
_koshi_: well, whenever floats your boat wrt testing then hoijui. We'll table discussing results here whenever we get some
[ARP]hoijui_irc: ook :-)
[ARP]hoijui_irc: yeah, next week should be ok :-)
_koshi_: anything else?
[ARP]hoijui_irc: not for me

Agenda Item 5:SAYBATTLEPRIVATE & SAYBATTLEPRIVATEEX proposal -------------------------
BrainDamage: just so that licho gets the forcejoin he wants: is anyone here volunteering to add to uberserver? how long should be wait more for a reponse from aegis?
BrainDamage: ops, a bit late
_koshi_: I'm not volunteering
_koshi_: and I don't really want to set an ultimatum
[ARP]hoijui_irc: same
[V]sheep: i'm here... nothing to say on the subject
[V]sheep: and not volunteering
Licho[0K]: its not so easy because it needs hack
Licho[0K]: i mean forgemsg
Licho[0K]: and compat flag
[ARP]hoijui_irc: i think the hack can be copied from Springls
[ARP]hoijui_irc: its just 2 or 3 lines in java
[ARP]hoijui_irc: so must be 1/3 line in python
_koshi_: next?
BrainDamage: i guess

Agenda Item 6:SAYBATTLEPRIVATE & SAYBATTLEPRIVATEEX proposal -------------------------
_koshi_: from last conclusions:
_koshi_: Edit: oh and SAYPRIVATEBATTLE(EX) wasn't accepted as is, but licho/aegis will prepare a new draft for a future meeting
_koshi_: did that happen?
Licho[0K]: what do you mean
Licho[0K]: it is already in uberserver
Licho[0K]: springie and spads are using it
Licho[0K]: oh you mean documenting it
_koshi_: i mean a draft for inclusion into the protocol, yes
_koshi_: that's a 'no' then? so next item?
[ARP]hoijui_irc: jo

Agenda Item 7:remaining uberserver commands -------------------------
_koshi_: remaining in the sense that they're not documented
_koshi_: of the three items listed:
_koshi_: OPENBATTLEEX family of commands
_koshi_: EXIT https://github.com/spring/LobbyProtocol/issues/2
_koshi_: only GETINGAMETIME is also in springLS, correct?
_koshi_: src/main/java/com/springrts/springls/commands/impl/GetInGameTimeCommandProcessor.java
_koshi_: 32:@SupportedCommand("GETINGAMETIME")
[ARP]hoijui_irc: mm ok :-)
[ARP]hoijui_irc: i will document that one then
_koshi_: do you differentiate voluntary and aborted connections in any way?
_koshi_: since that's what's given as the reason for EXIT
[ARP]hoijui_irc: me?
[ARP]hoijui_irc: i have no idea .. :D
Licho[0K]: i gtg, bye!
[ARP]hoijui_irc: bye
[ARP]hoijui_irc: i will have to check that one
_koshi_: seems sensible to have either way imo
_koshi_: OPENBATTLEEX family of commands
_koshi_: will have to be postponed again since no one but aegis and licho is in the know for those
[ARP]hoijui_irc: i dont care muhc for exit or not, would implement if it kind of makes sense
_koshi_: actually, it's sensible to send always for clients, if it's sensible for the server to actually handle depends very much on your imp
[ARP]hoijui_irc: i guess i can also document EXIT then
_koshi_: ie we can add that to protocol, so everybody would send it always
_koshi_: and if it makes sense you handle it
_koshi_: else you don't
[ARP]hoijui_irc: ok
[ARP]hoijui_irc: sounds good
_koshi_: since it cannot have any reply either way
_koshi_: alrighty
_koshi_: the "more?" part is a question for aegis too i guess

Agenda Item 8:server development/documentation / what was done this week -------------------------
_koshi_: anything to add to that [ARP]hoijui_irc?
[V]sheep: no
_koshi_: in that case imo we're thru with what we can discuss tonight and I congratulate us all to a meeting in < 80 minutes

  • http://springrts.com/dl/LobbyProtocol/ now is updated daily from master, thanks to abma
  • koshi will change the CHANGEEMAIL documentation to include moderators as allowed to change a user's address
  • FORCEJOIN is implemented in SpringLS, no progress in uberserver
  • hoijui will organize focused springLS testing at his opportunity
  • aegis/Licho did not draft SAYBATTLEPRIVATE[EX] protocol additions, this is tabled again
  • GETINGAMETIME and EXIT will be added to protocol
  • no draft/discussion of OPENBATTLEEX family of commands yet
Edit: manually fixed attending list
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Re: Lobby :: Dev meeting minutes 2012.04.16

Post by gajop »

missing Licho[0K] and having extra Nightwatch in attending?
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Re: Lobby :: Dev meeting minutes 2012.04.16

Post by koshi »

yeah, Licho had to leave before the end and the bot took attendance at meeting's end. Nightwatch wasn't on its ignore list yet. Should've noted that everything but the Summary is auto generated. Both issues are now fixed, but that does only help future meetings.
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Re: Lobby :: Dev meeting minutes 2012.04.16

Post by CarRepairer »

So will you continue holding meetings during working hours in the United States or is there sort of compromise we could come to? Because I am bored and I can raise a stink in all these threads.
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Re: Lobby :: Dev meeting minutes 2012.04.16

Post by abma »

imo you've enough meeting minutes to make a subforum for it! :)

also i would prefer unique email addresses for lobbyserver accounts.
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