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Posted: 05 Jun 2006, 16:46
by Nemo
Heh, I do that Warlord. It works out well enough for me, but infantry are *slow*, so mechanizing them allows you to carry them across the map quite quickly. Infantry are powerful enough that it is worth it usually to bring an extra few halftracks full to the front, especially if its to create a new flank or a sneaky raid on some (hopefully unmined) logistics supplies.

Also, both the personelle carriers have twin MGs on them, which makes them a decent force in infantry combat.

Also, with Spring's lovely repeat and area commands, loading up halftracks is actually quite simple. Just tell the barracks to move all its built troops to a certain spot, then set a few halftracks to repeat on and tell them to load that area. They'll grab as many as they can carry and you can order them out.

Posted: 05 Jun 2006, 18:06
by Guessmyname
We need sapper infantries that mines do little damage to, for mine clearing (the little damage means that you can't just clear out an entire minefield with one bloke - also, sapping was a damn risky job)

Posted: 05 Jun 2006, 18:10
by FLOZi
We are going to have mine-clearing vehicles. Perhaps have engineers be sappers, also.

Posted: 05 Jun 2006, 18:21
by Nemo
But then I couldn't send engineers deep into your territory to mine all your command points >_>

Maybe that's what the MPs will be useful for - capturing buildings and clearing minefields.

Posted: 06 Jun 2006, 16:28
by SpikedHelmet
IMO halftracks are too weak against small-arms atm... we need to strengthen them so tat tey are a more reliable way to transpot infantry.

Posted: 06 Jun 2006, 17:03
by Nemo
Currently 'soft skins' excluding jeeps and kubels can take ~1000 rounds of small arms fire, and about 30 rounds of .50 cal fire. They die with 1-2 shots of 37mm or larger.

Those numbers are in fact completely arbitrary, so any suggestions are welcome.

Posted: 06 Jun 2006, 19:37
by Felix the Cat
SpikedHelmet wrote:IMO halftracks are too weak against small-arms atm... we need to strengthen them so tat tey are a more reliable way to transpot infantry.
In my opinion, if we strengthen halftracks we need to add in a truck to transport infantry with, and make the halftracks longer to build, as would be historically accurate. Very few, if any, units were fully motorized in halftracks; maybe some of the SS Panzer divisions but that's about it.

Posted: 06 Jun 2006, 19:48
by FLOZi
How much damage do grenades do, Nemo? That might be the issue, specially as grenades seem to be 100% accurate

Posted: 11 Jun 2006, 06:31
by SpikedHelmet
Hm, not sure if halftrack skin would be penetrated by a .50 cal...

Anyway, we can sort it all out when we get to it. As for trucks, they, like trains, are more a logistical transport than a battle transport... I'd rather keep halftracks and maybe up their buildtimes a bit, so you can either have foot infantry, or wait awhile and invest in motorized infantry -- but the point is, I want that investment to be worthwhile.