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Balanced Аnnihilation - Translate Russian (Руссификация)

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Re: Balanced Аnnihilation - Translate Russian (Руссификация)

Post by TikiRU » 12 Nov 2012, 07:54

have a question:
Why do I need a graphic font LuaUI\Fonts\FreeMonoBold_12.png ?
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Re: Balanced Аnnihilation - Translate Russian (Руссификация)

Post by KDR_11k » 12 Nov 2012, 17:36

TikiRU wrote:
KDR_11k wrote:Hm, how difficult would it be to implement translation as a widget?
It will waste resources.
We have resources to spare.
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Re: Balanced Аnnihilation - Translate Russian (Руссификация)

Post by jK » 12 Nov 2012, 17:50

abma wrote:i don't know whats needed to make glFont, i guess you need to make glPrint support utf-8 chars.

jk/kloot can be maybe more specific...
Everything is (should be) UTF-aware means UTF in console & commands are passed as those to glPrint. So there is no need to change any other file than glFont.cpp.
The only codes that aren't UTF-aware are the textureatlas generation (in a limited way it already is, so it uses UTF to render the glyphs to the atlas, it just limits the character space to Latin_I) & the final render code. Note, it is less a freetype problem (it doesn't need any modifications of the code there) it is a pure managment & render problem. So it needs a code to load new charspaces at runtime & adding them to the textureatlas, the rest is pure c++.
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Re: Balanced Аnnihilation - Translate Russian (Руссификация)

Post by abma » 30 Apr 2014, 00:59

spring 97.0 contains these changes, so next engine release should be compatible to these changes :)
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