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The Cuberor's Finest (v3)

Posted: 06 Mar 2009, 21:27
by KDR_11k

Heretical movements have been reported inside our holy land. These heretics call themselves the Spheratists and believe that the stupid masses of the people can rule us better than The Cuberor can. Cubemander, you have been assigned to cleanse the face of our Earth and purge the Spheratist movement!

Spheratists are easily identified, they proudly reverse the light and dark of their core and shell! The very thought of this madness defiles our land. Our forces can eliminate them with our guns and grenades, the Spheratists are inept fighters who cowardly hide in their numbers. Most of them are weak little boys who can barely handle a gun and are completely overwhelmed with the concept of grenades, only a small number of specialists have joined their ranks. Be careful however, these specialists used to be men of the Cubire before their minds fell victim to the madness and they wield heavy weapons, long range suppression grenades that prevent our men from using their guns and burner blasters that can even penetrate the hard shell of our armor. All your troops are equally capable but some of them are equipped with jetpacks or heavy armor that will greatly reduce the impact of small arms.

Our logistics are superior to theirs, we can field reinforcements quicker but capturing points will still allow our men to enter the battlefield faster. The enemy relies more on the points, being unable to transport his forces without them.

Reinforcements will consist of one squad of every type until your allocated maximum (4 grunts, 3 jumpers, 3 armors) as well as any lost men in existing squads. Be aware that The Cuberor does not tolerate losing too many men against a weak enemy like this and squads that were eliminated completely will not be replaced immediately and you will have to wait for a new squad via the normal means. Our agents tell us that the enemy will field large numbers of Recruits (up to seven platoons) with small numbers of grenadiers (3) and burners (2) to aid them. Any troop engaged in grenade combat cannot use its regular guns and Spheratist recruits have nothing else to their name, they are no threat in close combat.

Eliminate the enemy headquarters building to quell this heresy once and for all!



I had a concept for a fairly simple mod, decided to implement a prototype with geometric shapes instead of proper models, played too much DoW2 and came up with a story for the shapes so I think I'll keep them. It's still not playtested though.

I was surprised how fast and easy it is to check every metalmap pixel to find the spots, considering how much time IW starts used sometimes I was expecting much more wasted time.

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 06 Mar 2009, 22:15
by zwzsg
KDR_11k strikes again! You really should consider making a listing of all your mods, last time I tried realised how hard it was to keep track of them all.
KDR_11k wrote:I had a concept for a fairly simple mod, decided to implement a prototype with geometric shapes instead of proper models
That remind me something ¬_¬

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 06 Mar 2009, 22:23
Mod making machine.

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 06 Mar 2009, 22:43
by zwzsg
First impression:
Game Interface feels very fluid, I really like how I can play an entire game without having to use buttons, buildmenus, without having to bring cons. It's all right click, and I can be all concentrated on the war front.

Oh, and I think I'm gonna steal that mex spot detection script for KP (and consider some right click to autobuild for KP cons.)

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 06 Mar 2009, 23:39
by Regret
Found a fine map to go along with this game :D

(I didn't make it, no idea who did)


Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 07 Mar 2009, 00:54
by Jazcash
Somebody make a mod with all the units relating to food and make a table map for it.

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 07 Mar 2009, 01:55
by emmanuel
soory for paining yu emo by this;
thanks for the mod that i will test and feedback,
thank for this map that i want since years ...never uploaded for unknow reason (or worst)
about design it seems that under minimal (kp) decenty

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 07 Mar 2009, 04:41
by zwzsg
Regret wrote:(I didn't make it, no idea who did)
I have an idea. Some guy called SecurE, one of the early Spring mapper, (River Dale is his), who now works for Imperial Winter.

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 07 Mar 2009, 09:04
by HeavyLancer
This is an interesting mod, I like the back story :) I have a few suggestions with regards to squad control and capturing.
Have it so that if you select any one squad member, you select all of them, instead of having to find the leader. (I know there is a big icon above him, but in a crowd of units it is hard to find him) In addition, having the icon above the squad leader selectable would help a bit as well.

Also, giving squads a proper minimap icon that is selectable would give the player better squad control on larger maps.

And finally, an area capture command that is similar in function to the area attack command would be useful for capturing points as well.
That's it for now, keep up the good work.

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 07 Mar 2009, 10:05
by KDR_11k
Since it seems that the Cuberial Order text wasn't clear enough (or maybe people just don't read text...) I'll add a more conventional manual:

Instead of resources you have a reinforcement timer, when that fills up you get one new squad of every type (unless you already have the maximum) and all existing squads will be reinforced to full strength. The timer fills up faster the more points you hold, points are taken by units and one squad member will leave the squad to hold the point (can attack normally from in there and the point provides some amount of cover so different units might be worth it in different positions but usually you want to use your most numerous ones). If that's the last member of the squad the squad ceases to exist so be careful. The timer starts 2/3rds full and you get your first wave instantly so the first two waves are available pretty early.

Units that fire or get hit by close combat weapons cannot use their ranged weapon, this can be used to prevent them from firing at stuff you don't want them to fire at. Close combat weapons also penetrate armor and don't hurt allied units.

[img][/img]The Cubire

The Cubire uses uniform forces with fairly small squads and strong members in each. Their reinforcement timer grows with 5x the speed one point provides in addition to the points they hold (so without points they get reinforcements every 90 seconds).

[img][/img] Grunts: The basic units, they come in squads of fours and you can have up to four of their squads. Decent HP, a good ranged gun and good grenades for close combat. They are the strongest Cubire unit in close combat but that's just because they outnumber the others since every single unit of the Cubire has the same close combat power.

[img][/img] Jumpers: Like grunts except you get three squads of threes (so less total power) and they can be ordered to jump. Since grenades are ballistic they can be thrown further in mid-air, letting a hail of explosives come down near simultaneously with the squad. Jumpers are good when you have to close a distance quickly or want to get to positions that aren't reachable on foot.

[img][/img] Armor: Again like grunts except they come alone (a squad of one) and you get up to three. They take only 5% damage from ranged attacks but full from close combat. They should stay at a distance since they are just another unit in close combat (enemies should try to engage armor in close combat).

[img][/img] The Spheratists

The Spheratists use more varied troops and tend to use larger numbers though they are mostly weaker. Their base reinforcement timer growth is that of one point so they need to take points if they want to get those troops fielded. The larger squads should allow taking points faster though.

[img][/img] Recruits: A mass combat unit, the recruits come in squads of 9 and you can have up to 7 squads if you keep them alive that long. Recruits have weaker guns than Cubire troops (a Recruit squad is roughly equal to a Grunt squad in ranged combat) and no close combat weapon. When the enemy closes in your only hopes are other units with close range weapons or simply other squads that remain outside of close combat range for the enemy and can keep shooting at the attackers. However if you do get a good number of recruit squads you'll have so much dakka that even armor can be defeated in reasonable time through brute force.

[img][/img] Burners: Squads of threes, two of them. Burners move faster and have more health than other troops but only have a close combat weapon in the form of their burner beam. If they can't get close they're toast and TBH I think they need a buff currently (not much stronger than Cubire troops in close combat). Burners mixed into your recruit mass can do wonders against Jumpers and they can probably run out and destroy enemy armor before falling to return fire.

[img][/img] Grenadiers: Squads of two, three squads. Grenadiers have two kinds of grenades, the regular close combat ones and long ranged flashbangs. The flashbangs don't do much damage and have way less AOE than grenades but they will still count as a close combat hit for the target, suppressing their ranged weapons and penetrating the armor (but with their damage that doesn't really matter...). Grenadiers are pretty much support units to prevent your enemy from shooting at your units. They are no slouch in close combat either but since there's only two of them they'll fall to most Cubire troops (can overwhelm armor at any range though). The biggest threat is when the enemy has so many units that you cannot suppress them all and some of them shoot your grenadiers.

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 07 Mar 2009, 11:46
by 1v0ry_k1ng
KDR if you focused your powers of modmaking into one big project all would hail

this is a kickass idea, are you going to develop it further? to the extent of unit models even?

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 07 Mar 2009, 14:16
by Gota
played it,fun mod.
would be nice to be able to upgrade points that took some dmg but if a point gets attacked but survives it can upgrade for more res and def(i guess youd also need some sort of advanced units than).
unit abilities are hard to spot on the Ui,giving them a different color can resolve this.
would be nice if squad icons could be made a bit bigger and allowed you to select your squad by pressing on them or having them inside a selection box.
Also more unit abilities please ^^!!its fun!!
If u do add more abilities ot each unit later on and you say your inspiration was DOW slow it down just a bit ...
played a 1v1 and my arm almost fell off after game was over,with 130+ clicks per minute(without using jump)..
If gameplay is ability based units need to take a bit more time to die when under regular fire with abilities enhancing the death speed...

by the way the long range attacks seem to deal very little dmg (the blue ones)..

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 07 Mar 2009, 15:31
by Gota
I'm not sure but the blue long range weapons of the spheratists might be too weak,it depends on the way unit limits work..
Are there unit limits?how does it work?
another thing.
the jump ability..sometimes when a jump order is given units who were very far away from the jump will move to make the jump a long time after it was needed,when it is no longer needed.
i think there should be a limited timeframe to when the jump command is valid.

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 07 Mar 2009, 22:35
by KDR_11k
New version

- Burner squad size increased to 5, HP and speed reduced
- Recruit speed increased slightly
- Fixed bug where Jumpers could jump out of a point after taking it
- Reduced base armor and HP, now takes 25% damage from small arms (instead of 5%)
- Increased LOS for all units
- Squad total health is shown below the squad icon now
- Unit icons added
- Spectators and allies can see squad icons of other people now
- Added firing effect for regular guns, changed bullet appearance

I experimented with making a click on one squad member select the squad but there was inexplicable lag and the solution was ugly anyway.

Yan, the blue grenades are flashbangs, their only purpose is to prevent the target from using long ranged weapons. Yes, their damage is pitiful, you're supposed to use other units to do the actual damage. The flashbangs just prevent enemy return fire.

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 07 Mar 2009, 23:40
by Google_Frog
Can you add something that shows which units under the effect of flashbangs?

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v1)

Posted: 08 Mar 2009, 00:00
by Gota
I see.ok.
Do you plan on adding some more abilities?Why not make throwing grenades an ability and shooting flashbangs..
would be more fun if it was manual and not automated.
Hero units?advanced units?

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v2)

Posted: 10 Mar 2009, 16:57
by KDR_11k
Lurker said it needs to be mentioned that the squad member who stays in a taken point is no longer counted as a member of the squad and you'll get a replacement for it just as if it were lost. I kinda took that for granted but it seemed that he was worried that the stationed units count towards his unit limit.

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v2)

Posted: 10 Mar 2009, 17:00
by lurker
I already edited your post to change it from squad member stays behind to member leaves the squad to stay behind. I said as much to you a couple minutes after playing the first game.

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v2)

Posted: 11 Mar 2009, 12:32
by 1v0ry_k1ng
kdr can you make a mutator of this thats slower paced?

Re: The Cuberor's Finest (v2)

Posted: 11 Mar 2009, 14:35
by Gota
Would it be hard for an enthusiastic anonymous player to make grenade throwing and flash banging manual?