Xta 9.43

Xta 9.43

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Xta 9.43

Post by Noruas »

I also need this version put to the default installer.. hrm* thank you.

Since you people are not up to date, here is the massive change log no one reads.

------------------- Change Log of XTA v9.43 (0.76b1) ------------------
Its much harder to morph your commander to the max.
Fixed Bouncing bertha, so they do not explode in midair when bouncing on water.
Added Handy Retreat Lua to retreat to nano towers if it is not disabled.
Decreased Large Battleships' Hp by 6000 each. They pwn land very easily and is currently very hard to take out by air.
Metalcost pershot from raven is 18 metal!
Increased Metal cost of Peewee by 6 metal, and cost of Ak reduced by 6 metal
Added Experimental Nano-Towers, they can be disabled, but this is good to stop swarm construction units.
Added much needed Mod Options, Fixed commander Dgunning Survival thing.
Construction Aircrafts now fly through each other, but cause much less cpu lag. They are now built 50 percent slower!
Construction Aircrafts now produce half of the resources then they used too, due to them being supieorly cheap to other construction units.
Core Artillery Weapon Alterations
Less Accurate, Area of Effect or Blast Shrank, Accuracy Decreased, and Reload time increased
T1 VtoL Fighters -20% cost -40% build time
T2 VtoL Radar -50M//Experiment by the Gizmo
New build menue order for tech 2, reconstructed by Gizmo :)
*Things to do*
Revamp Hovercrafts, because god dammit, it was balanced toward old sea, and hovercrafts can be much cooler.
Add God
Make People stop Complaining
Make a detailed Description of Com Morphing
Fix Torpedo Gunships and Torpedo Bombers
Fix Jammer and Radar Attack, aka search what BA did.

------------------- Change Log of XTA v9.42 (0.76b1) ------------------
15/01/08 by Dihi

BUG FIXES since 9.41:
+ core_slasher cob error fixed and restoreafterdelay animation speed fixed
+ FBI syntax errors fixed in core_LUAcommander.fbi and arm_LUAcommander.fbi
+ L2 build restrictions LUA script removed (by demand)
+ Com upgrade modoptions disabled (probably reintroduced once all lobby clients support them)
since they cause players lobby clients other than latest TASClient to desync.
+ Removed redundant *.bos files from scripts directory
+ Removed redundant hidden files from various directories (grr... Windows)

------------------- Change Log of XTA v9.41 (0.76b1) ------------------
BUG FIXES OF 9.4 that was introduced:

+ core and arm radars now leave wreckage
+ modoptions LUA script fixed to remove error when launching spring outside TASclient

------------------- Change Log of XTA v9.4 (0.76b1) ------------------
BUG FIXES OF 9.3 that was introduced
+ Completely different commander upgrade setup.
+ New mod Options.
+ Added Com shooter v0.2 inside Mod Options.
+ Made Core Arty less accurate like it was before.

------------------- Change Log of XTA v9.3 (0.75b2) ------------------

Added Geo to T2Cons

Slasher & Instigator wreck bug fix by the grate and wonderful Dihi

Arm & core moho mex and Mine bug fixes by _[PoCS]Overkill_ [BIGUPS Ya'll!!]

3 Bug fixes for core fusions [big thanks to Dihi!]

Arm_shooter name change to 'Sniper'

Core_Viper Dmg 1231 WAS 1431 (not mentioned on previouse log vertion)


1)areaofeffect=114 [Note: 192 in v9.2; 96 in v9.1. Core_Intimidator aoe=144, bb -20% aoe but 20% more accurate!]
2)energypershot=1300; //900; [Note: Intimidator E per shot= 1200]
3)reload time -1/3rd and Dmg -1/3rd


1)aimrate=650 WAS 2500 [Note: BB= 500]
2)reload time -1/3rd and Dmg -1/3rd

Light/Medium/Heavy name catogorised

1)Tolerance=300; //added v9.3 Hope this will stop that funky pause we get some times when trying to save our boi!
2)new cob files so the gun points perfectly inline with the shot [bigups to Peet :P ]
3)Shrunk that fugly 'star' object

Tweaked some script to make best the use of GenericSmokeCloud.tga released under CC licenc by Argh

1)Added 1.5K Metal cost to the buildings
2)MIssiles [CRBLMSSL & NUCLEAR_MISSILE] +50% AOE, +80% Metal, x3 Reload, x2Dmg (Will take out a fusion head on)

Core_Intimidator model now replaced with carmagedon model from below link carmagedon original ufo within objects3D\armagedon.ufo by TA Arsenal Network

Arm_Big_Birtha model now replaced with Armagedon from this link http://www.unituniverse.com/?p=u&v=5656 original ufo within objects3D\armagedon.ufo by TA Arsenal Network

------------------- Change Log of XTA v9.2 (0.75b2) ------------------
Added New Advanced Goliath model, Added Weak turret that does 30 dmg per second in a range of 250

Panthers Lightning range increased from 240 to 280

Targeting Facility -200M both Arm & Core

Subtracted 1000 hp from the core viper.

Reduced metal cost by 700 metal and reduced by 30,000 energy in the Core Immolator

Arm and Core Construction Aircraft Labs (advanced and regular) build speed increased by 50 percent.

ARm and Core Construction Aircraft labs (advanced and regular) costs reduced by 15 percent.

Whenever a targetting facility is built, the hp of radar units are also upgraded by 50 percent.

Core_Mobile_Arty accuracy=750; //was 1000 [Note: BB = 800!]

Increased range of Intimidator and Bertha by 25 percent!

Increased Range of Cruise Missile Launchers by 25 percent.

Increased Bertha Explosion size by 100 percent, or double!

Added Floating Radar Towers

Core Mobile Artiellery hp increased by 33% from 1800 to 2400, to survive one sniper shot.

Decreased Penetrator hp by 500 and made it more explosive when killed.

Dragon Teeth now block missiles.

Agorm, by any chance do you have scraps you used to make the old loadscreens?

Keep your CA/BA/SA is better than XTA to yourself, you have no reason to post unless you are making a proper argument about it.

Link Here:
http://spring.jobjol.nl/download.php?ma ... PEV943.sdz

Mirrors Plz? I tried uploading to other spring websites, but they all failed.
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Re: Xta 9.43

Post by The_Big_Boss »

Big List.
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Re: Xta 9.43

Post by Noruas »

Thats not even the eighth of the list that goes on.
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Re: Xta 9.43

Post by Sheekel »

My post disappeared...
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Re: Xta 9.43

Post by TheMightyOne »

Get it HERE >>> http://spring.jobjol.nl/download.php?ma ... PEV943.sdz
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Re: Xta 9.43

Post by [Krogoth86] »

Especially the Stalemate video suffers from having used FRAPS instead of the internal recorder as you often have like 4 fps...

Besides that I think the videos are good...
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Re: Xta 9.43

Post by 1v0ry_k1ng »

nano towers.
i mean,
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Re: Xta 9.43

Post by tombom »

1v0ry_k1ng wrote:nano towers.
i mean,
Because XTA was never all that good and the current dev team seems set on running it into the ground with poorly thought out BA like additions that aren't well implemented.

hope this helps
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Re: Xta 9.43

Post by pintle »

Why was XTA never all that good?

Or am i just trying to rationalise another Tombomb Troll (tm) ?
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Re: Xta 9.43

Post by The_Big_Boss »

Naw. He has a valid point. You see, when he said xta wasnt very good, he was comparing it to something that was good. If he was comparing it to TA, then xta fails because xta isnt TA. Its something not many people grasp, that a ta game doesnt have to be 100 percent like TA to actually be a good game.

Probably through the 'accidents' he played while playing xta, expecting it to be like ta, he probably realized he had enough getting stung and that the mod wasnt worth trying to learn, or he gave up and came to the conclusion there were no solutions. Monkey.
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