Unit Suggestion Thread

Unit Suggestion Thread

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Unit Suggestion Thread

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If you'd like to suggest a unit for PA I invite you to but please follow these guidelines when doing so.

There are lots of units in the TA Universe Unit Database http://units.tauniverse.com/

And in other mods like Tech Annihilation that you may think would be a good addition to the mod, these are good places to source from as they are easy for me to add models and scripts from and then balance properly into PA. You needn't follow the guideline if you are suggesting a unit from one of these sources, some information like the unit name, a link/screenshot will be sufficient.

Unit Suggestion Guideline:
Unit Name:
Basilisk for example, try and stay with something TA themed.
Type of Unit:
Building, Kbot, Tank, Flying unit etc.
Unit Role:
What's the units role going to be? Killing spam, killing bases, skirmishing, kamikaze etc.
This is pretty straight foreword, how much Health does it have?
This is a little more complicated, feel free to write the amount of speed in comparison to another unit like: As fast as an Arm Flash or Faster then a Core Can. If however you're familiar with what the values are please write those.
Weapon Type:
Is it a laser, cannon, missile etc.
Simply give me Melee, Tiny, Low, Short, Medium, Long, Very Long, Huge or Incredible. Or the exact value if you're familiar with what they are.
Just give me a Damage Per Second or high, low, etc and any other notes like, ÔÇ£I want it to fire slowly and have a big Area of effectÔÇØ etc. Again if you're familiar with what the values are give me some exact values.
Unit Cost:
How much metal, energy and buildtime does your unit have?
Model and Script:
If you have a model and a script that makes thing a lot easier and will make me all the more willing to add a suggested unit, if you don't you'll have it make it, get someone else to make it, find one somewhere that would suit the unit and failing that If I like the suggestion I may find one that suits it. Also a suggestion for a bigger type of unit or one units turret on another units body is easy.
Other attributes:
For anything else, does this unit Cloak, have radar, produce energy, fire mini nukes, etc.

This is just a guideline, add topics I've missed if you think they're relevant and use common sense please. Comments that aren't relevant or constructive will be removed.
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