Dev meeting minutes 2012-05-28

Dev meeting minutes 2012-05-28

Minutes of the meetings between Spring developers are archived here.
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Dev meeting minutes 2012-05-28

Post by abma »

Date: 28-5-2012
Present: hoijui, zerver, abma, jK

<abma>hi! :-)
<abma>meh, zerver missing
<abma>[LCC]jK: still any questions related to cmake?
<abma>hoijui is here :-D
<hoijui>grazie... grazie...
<abma>then i've a question related to cmake

can FindZLIB.cmake be removed?
<abma>this question came, because of the addition of pr-downloader
<abma>my system one searches for: SET(ZLIB_NAMES z zlib zdll zlib1 zlibd zlibd1)
<abma>springs: SET(ZLIB_NAMES z zlib zdll zlib1)
<abma>yeah, but very unimportant....
<hoijui>aehm// i have no idea why we have our own find zlib
<hoijui>maybe just remove nad see what happens
<abma>i would guess because of some old cmake version not including it
<hoijui>mmm :-)

conclusion: try & see what happens

release plan
<hoijui>though it is very standard .. but yeah i guess
<jK>this weekend 89?
<hoijui>i have no idea jk ;-)
<abma>hi zerver!
<abma>[LCC]jK: yeah, why not?!
<abma>means: update changelog + announce test release
<abma>i'll ask kloot about updating changelog + then make forum post
<abma>zerver: are you fine with making a release this week? any major bugs left?
<zerver>nothing is worse than 88.0
<zerver>unfortunately I have to go, gn8

conclusion: we try to make a test-release this week and hopefully spring 89 will follow soon...

new blood
<hoijui>i think it is quite difficult
<hoijui>if someone is good.. or say.. alreayd knows some C++ and algorithms/design thepry basics
<jK>gsoc was one solution, but google hates us
<hoijui>he will find his way himself.. but he will get aggression from local code residents
<hoijui>i think it is not a good solution
<hoijui>it is a low chance to get someone for a project once a year
<hoijui>and for them to stay after that is.. also a very low chance i woudl say
<hoijui>you need someone wiling to wokr ona spring, and if possible.. he should be capable
<hoijui>and he needsa protegee in the dev team, cause else he will not make it
<hoijui>its like going to the military.. drill camp, just that you do not get money for it, and that the hate you face is more personal/directed
<hoijui>we could make an add like..
<hoijui>"if you survive this.. you can do everythign in the digital world"
<hoijui>"...that is all we offer"
<hoijui>"like your arse getting kicked till it bleeds? become a spring dev!"
<hoijui>"want no help and your patches rejected cause they are never clean enough?"
<hoijui>ok no help is wrong
<abma>[ARP]hoijui_g5: no, sorry no plan
<hoijui>i see :-D
<hoijui>maybe we could offer free C++ courses
<hoijui>and all the examples are spring related
<abma>only thing we can/could do, is lower the starting learning curve
<hoijui>then teachers woudl start using the Spring course to C++ in class and .. BAM!
<hoijui>thousands of devs
<jK>perhaps I should make that mingw on windows video tomorrow
<abma>and "advertise" a bit more
<hoijui>mmmm jk :-)
<jK>digital natives don't know how to use commandline/bash it seems and need help to set it up
<abma>pm'ed kloot, let's see what happens in the repo

conclusion: we are open to new people helping us, if you are interested, contact as, try the development version, write tutorials, make bug reports, fix bugs, implement features ... ideas and help are always welcome!

happy hacking! :)
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Re: Dev meeting minutes 2012-05-28

Post by abma »

I made the "Test release".
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