Dev meeting minutes 2012-03-26

Dev meeting minutes 2012-03-26

Minutes of the meetings between Spring developers are archived here.
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Dev meeting minutes 2012-03-26

Post by jK »

Date: 2012-03-26
Present: abma, hoijui, jK, zerver

  • merge luasocket ?
  • remove lualobby ?
  • can all files be shown with unitsync? (ignore modtype)
  • CrossCompiling Spring's dependencies

_Main Conclusions___________________________________________________________
  • luasockets is merged (sockets to gamehost (spring ports) are prevented)

_The meeting________________________________________________________________
>> jK joined!
>> abma joined!
>> hoijui joined!
hoijui: hello
abma: hi
abma: hmm
abma: i maybe should write a reminder, too
hoijui: :D
abma: [LCC]jK: an idea why the linux buildslave fails?
abma: some broken boost installation?
abma: header / lib missmatch?
abma: ... logs/stdio
>> zerver joined!
jK: oops didn't noticed that one >_<
jK: always looked on the AAI bug
abma: aah, hi zerver
zerver: hi, I forgot that europe has switched to summertime
abma: aah, lol
abma: yes
jK: either an incompatible version of boost or a missing package in it
abma: i hate the switch...
abma: [LCC]jK: ok, i guessed similiar, will talk to koshi

merge luasocket ?
jK: I always thought full-build & testcase client are the same
abma: [LCC]jK: no, they are different buildslaves. validation test is on zydox machine, linux compile on koshis machine, too
jK: ah k
hoijui: i cant say anythign to that topic
abma: hmm, about luasocket... any questions?
abma: known issues/notes are here:
abma: only thing, that could block it is: "config file should be better protected"
abma: but thats an issue, that could be already a problem like it is
jK: hmmm it might be smart to disallow sockets to the server/host
... nothing for public ...
abma: so, can we make some decission here?
abma: currently it looks like: "we don't add it, because ..."
... nothing for public ...
zerver: I vote for adding it
... nothing for public ...
jK: I don't say anything against merging luasockets
... nothing for public ...
jK: nice :)
abma: ok, will add that check then
jK: good work btw :)
abma: uhm, lets see how it will work :D
abma: (thanks)
abma: code can still be improved...
abma: but lets see how it will be used (and hopefully it will be used)

remove lualobby ?
abma: but maybe thats way to early
abma: wait a bit and then deprecate it?
abma: meh, i want to skip that point, i'm really undecided

can all files be shown with unitsync? (ignore modtype)
abma: hm, is that a point to discuss with lobby devs?
abma: i guess engine devs don't care
abma: [ARP]hoijui_g5: you maybe can help here :)
hoijui: oops..
hoijui: aehm...
hoijui: i think i asked you some stuff int hte lobby about that
hoijui: how you want to do that..
hoijui: if i remember right, we have functions for fetching mod archives
hoijui: and for map archives
hoijui: so that menas we would add one more set of functions
hoijui: that allwos to fetch any archive (?)
hoijui: or what is hte idea?
abma: yeah, exactly
hoijui: ok
abma: and then deprecate game / map specific functions
hoijui: then how would we fetch rchives?
hoijui: if not by setting mod then fetch
hoijui: or setting map then fetch
abma: hm, i don't get that...
abma: whats "fetch archives"?
abma: unitsync has functions, to list all games / maps
hoijui: yeah...
abma: then, there would be one function, to list all archives
abma: and the lobby itself has to check the modtype
hoijui: but .. that does not replace current fucntionality
hoijui: as you cna not do:
hoijui: setMap(DSD)
hoijui: getArchives
hoijui: ( for DSD only)
abma: hmm...have to read unitsync api first...
hoijui: ok
abma: setMap = AddArchive?
jK: I would like 2 interfaces: one that returns all found packages w/o any filtering
abma: unitsync api:
jK: and another one where you have to set the Game, and then unitsync filters all available maps depending on that (respecting the allow_maps.lua or how ever it is called)
jK: including filtering maps by missing dependencies
abma: [ARP]hoijui_g5: ?
abma: (ping!)
hoijui: ..
abma: what do you mean with setMap?
hoijui: aehm..
abma: AddArchive?
hoijui: ok not set map i guess.. setPrimaryMod or soemthing?
hoijui: no
abma: there is only SetSpringConfig*
hoijui: i feel quite uninterested somehow
abma: hard to make a meeting then
hoijui: i figured it out and wrote you.. no mood to look at api again
hoijui: i also dot want to do it
abma: ok...
hoijui: also keep in mind it has to be backwards comparible
hoijui: compatible
abma: then maybe this last info was missing in my brain (" i also dot want to do it")
abma: [ARP]hoijui_g5: thanks + sorry
abma: then uhm
abma: we are done?
hoijui: i mean.. i dont want to code and design it
hoijui: not.. i dont want it to be done
hoijui: i guess yeah.. done
abma: yep, i know
hoijui: ok
abma: thats not a popular task
abma: :)

CrossCompiling Spring's dependencies
jK: btw working on crosscompiling devil with gentoo (already did freetype to get rid of MSVCR72.dll, was quite easy)
jK: but devil is ... much more complicated
abma: devil is badly maintained
jK: that's not the real problem
jK: it has many dependencies
abma: uh..ok
jK: so possible bugs^5
jK: today I had to send patches to zlib & gentoo
abma: ouch, i see: libpng, zlib, libjpeg, libtiff, libmng, little cms, jasper are required for it :-/
jK: I disabled everything except libpng, zlib, libjpeg, libtiff
jK: CFLAGS="-DXMD_H -DIL_NO_WDP " USE="gif jpeg png static-libs tiff -X -allegro -lcms -mng -openexr -opengl -sdl -xpm" /usr/local/bin/xmerge devil -pv
abma: ouch
jK: goal is to compile all mingwlibs in gentoo and so being able to switch ARCH & 64bit
jK: and kill any MSVC dependency
jK: currently have a linker problem with the selfbuild devil.dll:
Error: Command (/mnt/d/spiele/spring.git/rts/System/FileSystem/PoolArchive.cpp:65: undefined reference to `_gzeof') does not exist, use /help for a list of available commands.
jK: /mnt/d/spiele/spring.git/rts/System/FileSystem/PoolArchive.cpp:65: undefined reference to `_gzeof'
jK: *devil.dll/zlib.dll

PS: btw fixed the error meanwhile, but a such compiled devil.dll has like 5 new dll dependencies and it seems it's `impossible` to static link those (fuck gcc!)
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Re: Dev meeting minutes 2012-03-26

Post by Pako »

No need to remove Lua lobby yet, it is very efficient and a good interface. Lua really sucks with protocol parsing.
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