Dev meeting minutes 2012-01-16

Dev meeting minutes 2012-01-16

Minutes of the meetings between Spring developers are archived here.
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Dev meeting minutes 2012-01-16

Post by jK »

Date: 2012-01-16
Present: abma, hoijui, jK, Tobi, zerver

  • Release plan

_Main Conclusions________________________________________________
  • 86.0 and not 85.1

_The meeting___________________________________________________
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abma: hi!
jK: request another pull
zerver: hi
Tobi: hey
abma: [LCC]jK: pulled
Tobi: I'll have to leave soon cause I left charger @ uni and battery is almost empty
Tobi: oh hmm maybe I can use phone and irc bridge or something
abma: :D
abma: ok, then:

Release plan
abma: don't see currently other topics
jK: 85.1 is possible
jK: 86 would need a lot testing
abma: what do you mean with 85.1?
abma: 85 + some cherry-picked commits?
jK: unsynced bugfix release
jK: (hotkeys, mt, ...)
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hoijui: hey
abma: hi!
jK: imo everything is ready for a 85.1 release
jK: only kloot meta key fix etc. couldn't be included
jK: +'s
hoijui: if you want an 85.1, you have to put commits that should be in it into a hotfix branch
hoijui: you may merge that branch into develop at any time of course
hoijui: -> no cherry-picking
jK: those commits are already done
hoijui: on develop?
jK: yup
hoijui: ok.. well.. thats bad :D
hoijui: if you can cherry pick them and require not a single change, it might be doable semi-clean
hoijui: maybe we should create a hotfix branch after every release
hoijui: cant really hurt
jK: yeah, .1 releases are by nature unexpected
hoijui: mmm
hoijui: :-)
zerver: yeah, I did the MT fixed EXE, but some linux guys asked me for a real 85.1 so they could make packages etc
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zerver: and I have no more unsynced fixes in the pipeline now
jK: I work on CGround::LineGroundCol endless loop fix
jK: hmmm gameend fix would be unsynced
zerver: Okay, that one sounds semi-synced to me :)
jK: but that comes after the endless loop
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abma: so, prepare for a 86.0 or 85.1 release?
hoijui: yeah, i need to know which underwear to put on
hoijui: aehh.. which branch to put up
abma: imo more people would be happy with a 86.0 release
jK: 86 would need some testing
abma: hm, ok
jK: your decision
abma: would the heap-corruption bugfixes be in 85.1?
jK: no
abma: uhm, then i would prefer a 86.0
abma: will try to get a some test-games with current develop branch
abma: ... 4&p=511411
jK: then start filling the changelog.txt
hoijui: make release branch first
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abma: i will do tomorrow some online test games i hope
jK: I seemed to fix the LineGroundCol loop
jK: will commit it tomorrow + updated changelog
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Re: Dev meeting minutes 2012-01-16

Post by Google_Frog »

I would prefer 86.0 because the movement bouncing is a lot better in the version I tested. ZK deploys configs which workaround the hotkey issues so I don't see the engine fix as urgent.
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Re: Dev meeting minutes 2012-01-16

Post by Forboding Angel »

Hotkey fix is urgent. However, please just push out 86.
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Re: Dev meeting minutes 2012-01-16

Post by Petah »

Love for this to be fixed in the next release :D
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Re: Dev meeting minutes 2012-01-16

Post by knorke »

Google_Frog wrote:I would prefer 86.0 because the movement bouncing is a lot better in the version I tested.
It seems a bit better to me but not sure how much. I feel units still get stuck in situations they could get past in previous versions. But in singleplayer it is hard to really judge how annoying it really is, I did not play it in mp yet.

I would like 86.0 asap because of the heap-corruption bugs that make my game crash every few moments and thus basically unplayable. (fixed in testversion it seems) But as that is just wip-stuff I understand that it realistically is not that important.
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Re: Dev meeting minutes 2012-01-16

Post by Zydox »

Isn't the minutes from the last two meetings missing?
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