Dev meeting minutes 2011-12-05

Dev meeting minutes 2011-12-05

Minutes of the meetings between Spring developers are archived here.
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Dev meeting minutes 2011-12-05

Post by jK »

Date: 2011-12-05
Present: abma, hoijui, jK, Kloot, zerver

  • flushing of infologs
  • default enable OMP (it proved to sync here)?
  • 85.0

_Main Conclusions___________________________________________________________
  • 85.0 this weekend
  • games (i.e. ZK) should add a QTPFS modoption

_The meeting________________________________________________________________
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hoijui: btw...
hoijui: made a 85.0 tag on mnatis, nad added some reports to that (as targets)
hoijui: you may want to add more
hoijui: or also not
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jK: k seems they aren't coming

flushing of infologs
jK: progress?
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hoijui: :D
hoijui: aehm...
hoijui: ouh riight...
hoijui: damn :D
hoijui: totally forgot that we decided on somethign there
hoijui: didnt do it yet
jK: np

default enable OMP (it proved to sync here)?
jK: meh too less ppl here to discuss that :<

jK: timeline something around thursday - saturday?
Kloot: weekend release sounds good
Kloot: should give enough time to find this clumping bug
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Kloot: wrt previous point, is omp used in any synced code besides qtpfs?
jK: yeah, it is used in smoothheightmap creation
Kloot: ah yeah
jK: also for checksum generation
jK: but that's ALU only
jK: but currently the speedup by omp is minimal
jK: possibly it just ups the minimal FPS a little making it run a little bit more smooth
Kloot: I'm hoping hope it will make a difference in qtpfs when large terrain changes happen, but the usage pattern is not optimal
Kloot: -hope
jK: yeah, in roam I could reach some improvement, too
jK: (ROAM does some very expensive LOD calculations on camera changes)
jK: also ppl with 1.8GHz DualCores are happy for any speedup they get >_<
Kloot: hehe
zerver: wrt OMP, I assume a huge overhead for waking up the thread pool, so profiling is very important there
hoijui: btw, should we get some more testers for QTPFS?
hoijui: it is default disabled?
Kloot: more than the one tester (me) it has had so far would be good yes
hoijui: :D
zerver: heh
hoijui: ok.. wel.. maybe make a request for it on the ofrum then
hoijui: is it a mod setting?
hoijui: or how does it work?
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Kloot: yeah, it can/must be enabled by a modinfo option
abma: hi!
Kloot: hi
hoijui: ok :-)
jK: shouldn't it be better in modrules.lua?
hoijui: hmm.. should we ask ZK guys to enable it in testing versions?
Kloot: it is, by modinfo I mean CModInfo (which parses modrules.lua)
jK: ah k :)
hoijui: or what else would make more sense?
hoijui: have a custom version of ZK wiht it enabled?
Kloot: maybe a mutator
jK: in modrules modoptions work afaik
jK: yup they do
Kloot: even better
hoijui: mm sounds good
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abma: Kloot: about QTPFS, did you change some.. uhm version-number for path-caching?
abma: afaik i tried qtfs but then got sync errors
abma: after deleting path-cache files it worked fine...
abma: but i'm unsure, i didn't investigate...
Kloot: eh strange, qtpfs does not care about cache files generated by the default pathfinder
abma: ok, then i don't know what i did wrong
abma: error message was something like: checksum error for pathcache or so
abma: and later i got a sync error
Kloot: maybe you tried two builds and qtpfs code changed in between
abma: yep, possible
abma: ok, then its fine + forget it :)
Kloot: (I still need to add checksums for that case)
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Re: Dev meeting minutes 2011-12-05

Post by Google_Frog »

English please :P.

OMP - ?
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Re: Dev meeting minutes 2011-12-05

Post by Anarchid »

Quadtree PathFinding System, if i get it correctly.

OMP, though, never heard of it :P
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Re: Dev meeting minutes 2011-12-05

Post by koshi »

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Re: Dev meeting minutes 2011-12-05

Post by FLOZi »

I can probably make a modoption for s44 wrt qtpfs and ask godde to test it
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Re: Dev meeting minutes 2011-12-05

Post by jamerlan »

>Date: 2011-04-25
Incorrect date?
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Re: Dev meeting minutes 2011-12-05

Post by smoth »

martian calendar
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