Spring replays site: tower defence games

Spring replays site: tower defence games

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Spring replays site: tower defence games

Post by Jools »

(I decided to open a new topic, mods can move it to viewtopic.php?f=71&t=28019&hilit=replay if they wish)

Games with tower defence, ie fleas, chickens and what not are currently reported as 1v1 Duel on <map>, at least the way I have configured my spads hosts. I think this is a bit misrepresentative of what these games are.

Can we maybe make a new game category? Called Fleas vs 1 (or chickens vs 4 etc). Would also be nice to include the LuaAI difficulty level.

But how could this be done? The autohost has access to these parameters that I know of: %gameDuration "%type, %map, %structure %demoFile.

I know spads can add startscripttags. Would that be a good solution? I suppose what I would want is to add a structure to the %structure parameter called fleas/chickens/robots or what not.

Here is an example of a fleas game replay: http://replays.springrts.com/replay/f20 ... 86b034233/
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Re: Spring replays site: tower defence games

Post by dansan »

I concur. Startscripttags are not needed though - the presence of a bot is already detected by the replay site.

I suggest two changes when a Bot is detected:
* Change the naming style to "Bot vs x" / "Bot vs x vs y"
* Display some modoptions more prominently: mo_maxfleas, mo_gothtime?, mo_maxburrows, mo_nowrecks, mo_enemywrecks, mo_maxchicken, mo_queendifficulty etc. I'd need a list of relevant modoptions (from game maintainers/players).
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