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Orbital Bombardment Upgrades

Posted: 14 Aug 2016, 03:12
by SpikedHelmet
We have a bunch of ~lore~ orbital weapons available, ranging from enormous Naval Autocannons that do 100-400 damage each (compared to an AC/20's 20 damage), and Naval PPCs, the largest of which does iirc 250 damage (compared to 15 for a normal PPC). Those Naval PPCs can also have interesting side effects like heat and anti-ECM, like normal PPC.

So I suggest:

Basic level is an NAC/100 bombardment, basically as it is now. Saturates an area with lots of hits.

Second level is a choice between either a NAC/400 dropping bigger strikes or Heavy NPPC dropping 150-damage PPC shots that also create a localized superheated pocket and long anti-ECM effect (at least double if not triple normal). Go for either raw damage, or crippling effect.

Re: Orbital Bombardment Upgrades

Posted: 29 Jan 2017, 18:18
by RageQuitV

Is this still being developed?
Are you not afraid about MW being a propetary IP? IIRC MW:LL devs got some very threatening emails from the (((lawyers))) of PGI to stop developing MW:LL, which was a free and better alternative to the abortion that is MWO