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Posted: 07 Aug 2016, 03:23
by SpikedHelmet
Writing this down so I don't forget because I think it's an interesting idea.

I've always struggled with how to make Omnimechs work in MCL. Finally it dawned on me: A Mechbay upgrade that lets you swap Omnimech configurations! Not actual customization, but simply transforming one Mech into another; load an Omnimech into the Bay, see an "Omnimech" button, and it opens a buildmenu with all available alternate configurations of that Mech.

This would obviously benefit Clans much more than IS, but IS do have a couple Omnimechs around, and not all Clan mechs are Omni. But it would definitely be a unique characteristic of Clans, and almost a counter to them not getting Perks.

EDIT: Flozi said yes, so we'll do it.

Re: Omnimechs

Posted: 07 Aug 2016, 11:22
by FLOZi
zverofaust: re: omnimechs
zverofaust: and the mechbay............
[buffyverse] flozi: no
[buffyverse] flozi: >_>
zverofaust: :(
zverofaust: nothing too extreme. just being able to transform an omnimech into any of its available alternate configs.
zverofaust: it could be a Mechbay upgrade, when a mech is loaded you can go to an Omnimech build menu of available configurations, click, bob's your uncle
[buffyverse] flozi: i'll just say yes because it will be 10 years before we get around to clans anyway
zverofaust: lol
zverofaust: sweet, editing my post
[buffyverse] flozi: please insert the above caveat as a quote