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Beacon Overhaul

Posted: 06 Aug 2016, 20:04
by SpikedHelmet
As per dicussions and github posts, Beacons and Upgrades are getting a bit of an overhaul.

First and foremost, Beacons will now come with 3 upgrade slots rather than the single upgrade of the past. These upgrade spots will be in a triangular pattern around the beacon, while the middle will remain open and occupied by Dropzones. This allows us to greatly expand the number of Upgrades because players will have access to more building slots, and let us introduce some more interesting mechanics and choices.

At the same time, we should expand upon the Upgrades themselves with further upgrades, or sidegrades, to unlock even more abilities or specialize default ones. Below is a list of Upgrades and their potential unlock paths.
  • * Vehicle Landing Pad: Brings in AI vehicles, can be upgraded to unlock heavy vehicles and advanced House units.
    * Repair & Rearm Station (Mechbay)
    * Garrison (can be upgraded with a Big Gun emplacement on top; quad RAC5s, Sniper artillery, Arrow IV launcher, LAMS, etc)
    * Orbital Targeting Relay (Unlocks orbital artillery bombardment; can further unlock additional superweapons like nukes or ion cannons, etc)
    * Turret Control System (Unlocks ability to place 3 turrets around a beacon, can be further upgraded to unlock an additional turret, up to a max of 5 or 6)
    * Salvage Centre (Comes with AI-controlled Salvage vehicle that goes out and salvages wrecks for extra income; further upgrades add more Salvagers)
    * Seismic Sensor (Map-wide seismic detection)
    * Aero-Ground Control Station (can call in Air Strike/Bomber sorties; like VPad, can unlock heavier aeros)
    * AWAC Station (Gives warning when enemy bombers inbound and can call interceptor/air superiority sorties. further upgrades unlock bigger aeros)
Having 3 slots per beacon will let players build little facilities all over the map tailored to their needs, and also targets for enemy aero raids or skirmisher attacks.