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Expanded Perk List & Tweaks to System

Posted: 06 Aug 2016, 19:35
by SpikedHelmet
Transferring over the post in our Github issues:

We need more perks so I can roleplay with my roborts. Also we should give perks cool names. Basically the idea is for a huge list of Perks to choose from so every player can build a unique Mechwarrior to do exactly what the player wants it to do, and push players to value their Mechs more since all Perks are lost if a Mech dies/is sold. At the same time however I want to roll back the actual increase rates as I think they're overboard right now. Currently, IIRC, they are at 25%? I want to reduce that to 10% at most, or even 5%. So any increase in any category (range, rate of fire, whatever) will be 5-10% unless otherwise stated.

My expanded Perk list is split into 3 categories: Universal Perks, available to every Mech*; Role Perks, available only to Mechs of that role; and Faction Perks, available only to Mechs of that faction*.

* There will still be some Perks reliant on a Mech having certain equipment, for example, the extended Jumpjet Range perk only applies to Mechs with jumpjets.

Universal Perks:
  • * Calibrated Sensors (Sensor range, including BAP, increased by 10%)
    * Heatsink Efficiency (Heatsink efficiency increased by 10%, both threshold and cooldown rate)
    * Advanced Jump Fuel Mixture (JJ range increased 10%)
    * Lightweight Actuators (Movement speed, turnrate and torso turn speed increased 5%)
    * Polarized Cockpit Glass (proximity detection range (aka normal LOS circle) increased 10%)
    * Mastery of Heat (rather than 50%, unit won't slow RoF until 90% heat)
    * Aluminium Firing Pins (ballistic weapon RoF increase)
    * Polished Mirrors (energy weapon RoF increase)
    * LRM Autoloader (LRM RoF increase)
    * SRM Autoloader (SRM RoF increase)
    * Coolant Flush (unlocks Coolant Flush)
    * Kamikaze (mech will stackpole on self-destruct and lose 5 or 10 tickets)
    * Insulated Electronics (Duration of PPC effect reduced by half)
    * Triple-Strength Myomer (MASC activation duration increase)
Role Specific:

What I'd like to do for Role Specific perks is make them activated special abilities that give big bonuses to role-pertinent stats for a period of time, say 10 seconds. This means that after purchasing the Perk, a button on the command menu (preferably on the Unit Card as well as a key toggle) will appear, and pressing it will activate "supermode" on the Mech. After it's over, it should have a 2 minute cooldown.
  • * Scouts: "Ghost" (Scout goes radar off, but becomes completely invisible to BAP, seismic and every other type of sensor that would normally reveal a radar-off unit)
    * Skirmishers: "Adrenaline Rush" (10% boost to unit speed, 50% boost to turnrate and torso turn speed, 25% increase to weapon RoF)
    * Brawlers: "Hothead" (All weapon rate of fire doubles and unit ignores RoF slowdown due to Heat, but will take tiny damage every tick it's over 100% heat)
    * Strikers: "Hold The Line!" (-50% speed reduction, +50% RoF increase for all weapons, +50% damage resistance)
    * LRM Support: "Fire Zee Missiles!" (LRM Rate of Fire quadruples, effectively firing a salvo every 2.5 seconds)
    * ECM Support: "Electromagnetic Pulse" (All enemy Mechs in radar range have their radar forced off for 10 seconds)
Faction Perks (Perks grouped together are mutually exclusive, so only one of each group can be selected):

Federated Suns
  • * Autocannon Incendiary Ammo (heat damage but reduced real damage)
    * Autocannon Fin-Stabilized Ammo (increased range but reduced ammo)
    * Autocannon Caseless Ammo (increased ammo storage but reduced range)
    * Autocannon FLAK Ammo (Airburst anti-aero ammo, but reduced real damage)
    * Autocannon Armour Piercing Ammo (increased damage but reduced range and ammo)
Draconis Combine
  • * PPC Ionization (PPC effect lasts 2-3 times longer on targets, but generates 50% more Heat)
    * PPC Overcharge (PPC hits deal double heat damage, but firer also generates double heat)
    * PPC Disabled Safety (Remove PPC minrange but generates 50% more Heat)
    * PPC Field Stabilization (PPC shots do consistent damage at any range, but extra time to stabilize its magnetic field decreases RoF by 25%)

    * MRM Simplified Missiles (increased ammo storage but reduced range)
    * MRM Fin-Stabilized Missiles (increased range but reduced ammo storage)
Lyran Alliance
  • * Gauss & Heavy Gauss Improved Ammunition (Gauss deals consistent damage at all ranges, but reduced ammo capacity)
    * Gauss & Heavy Gauss SABOT Ammunition (Range increase, but less damage)
    * Gauss & Heavy Gauss Neodymium Ammunition (Damage increase, but less range)
Free Worlds League
  • * LRM Inferno Ammunition (heat damage but reduced real damage)
    * LRM Extended Range Ammunition (increased range, but less ammo)
    * LRM Swarm Ammunition (releases submunitions that saturate area with small extra explosions, but direct hits do less damage)

    * Light Gauss Improved Ammunition (Gauss deals consistent damage at all ranges, but reduced ammo capacity)
    * Light Gauss SABOT Ammunition (Range increase, but less damage)
    * Light Gauss Neodymium Ammunition (Damage increase, but less range)
Capellan Confederation
  • * LRM Inferno Ammunition (adds heat damage but reduced real damage)
    * LRM Extended Range Ammunition (increased range, but less ammo)
    * LRM Thunder Ammunition (mines instead of warheads, but less ammo)

    * ECCM (Any enemy ECM in radar range loses its ECM at the cost of the ECCM unit's own ECM abilities, but keep their Role Perk)

The Inner Sphere is all about innovation and inventive spirit and self-expression, while the Clans are more rigid and adherent to their traditions and rules and frown upon individuality, and this can be reflected in the Clans getting NO perks. The beauty of this is that this con is already offset by Clantech superiority as most of their stuff is already mcuh better than Inner Sphere tech, so they don't really need Perks.


The number of Perks for each mech will greatly increase with this system. I could see most Mechs having upwards of 10, while Mechs with tons of different faction-specific weapons and equipment could go up even further. It'd be very rare for a Mech to unlock all of its perks. That's good because currently it's very easy to do so, and your choice only becomes "what perk do i want to unlock first" rather than "what kind of specialization do i want this mech to have". I think the amount of XP generated currently is probably fine.

You'll also notice that Faction and Role perks have downsides while Universals don't. The thinking is that since everyone has access to Universal perks they don't need a downside, because everyone can access them. Faction perks on the other hand will be unique and not applicable to other factions. Also it makes them more interesting.