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Ui Planning and future steps.

Posted: 08 Feb 2014, 19:41
by smoth
This is not an invite for critique or suggestion, it is my note and planning area.

This IS NOT A WIP THREAD, it is a notes thread, any WIP will be posted in the other thread

The only individuals who I will listen to are spiked and flozi. Everyone else can step out! This is a thread for me to leave notes and planning details. No replies are wanted or necessary UNLESS they are from flozi or spiked. If anarchid needs to post in here he may, ANY BSing in this thread will be removed from it. This is for leaving notes.

I don't need or want idea guys.

Anarchid: if you need to post notes, make a post and edit it repeatedly.

Re: Ui Planning and future steps.

Posted: 08 Feb 2014, 19:46
by smoth
Spacing mockup.
(click for larger)

bar - this is any boxed out area. Currently there are a few bar areas specified. Each one will be covered by a distinct widget:

Resource bar - the area tracking (artillery/dropship)time, Cbills and tonnage.
Tickets bar - the area displaying the current team's tickets(allyteam)
Deck Bar - the unit lances and card display.
Mini-map bar - the minimap, displays water and ambient temperature

There are currently 2 parts remaining still:

1:buildbar/ordersbar _(anarchid WIP)
2:chat bar

Re: Ui Planning and future steps.

Posted: 08 Feb 2014, 20:00
by smoth
There are too many spring projects using old widgets as a crutch rather than advancing beyond them and taking the old code and learning from it.

ADV PLAYERLIST - This is used for the following: ping, cpu, disconnects and player take over's

player list popup
a scoreboard type deal, it will just overlay on top of the rest
- hotkey is undecided.
- the scoreboard will display all the stats that advplayerlist shows

player disconnect popup
a way for the players to know when a player loses connection.
- This will be a popup "playername has lost connection do you wait?"
- This will auto pause the match
- - players will vote whether or not to continue(unpause the game)