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This is the "script" for the first level, although the player can controll much, just sit in the cablecar watching outside, or beeing outside, ctrl+t the drama in the cablecar. Credits are given in form of street signs.

Shepard Riding the San Francisco Civil Transportation CableCar -> Travelling from Harbour to ground Zero (Alcatraz beeing a Stalkerdepot) Damage grow the higher up the cable car gets.

3 Drooges (1Leader)
1 Relocated Citizen (Russian Accent)
2 Civil Protection Units (One of them Harsky, Ex-Resistance Man, knowing Shepard)
1 Avriel (as VoiceoveroftheCableCar)

S:"I had the choice, i always had, between illogic comfort and logic punishment. I decided for punishment, i stayed."

Leader hits Beatbox button-> JourneyLights
L:Listen to that shit, found it digging in the scrap, thats old, thats classy, thats going to buy me a way into civil protection.
D1: U sure? That sort of stuff? Sounds kind of soft to me!
L: Sure, they hint that Breen collects that pre-benefactor arae art. So why not risk a deal?
D1: Dunno. Sounds like a bad idea, -my grandfather got his finger broken selling a painting to them.
D2: Give it a break. My Gf has 2nd boobcancer, the falconpunchfield made me proud father of a bloody dead fetus the day before yesterday. Any deal is better than no deal.
L:There must be benefits to beeing civil protection.
D1:Benefits beyond better Soup?
L: Dont you see the Family of Overwatch and CP dissappearing? They get transported out of this hellhole. Dont want to see your children grow up, hairless, coughing blood like us LostBoys.
RC:(RussianAccent)Donot believe, Propaganda of Combine. In City 17, Ressistance defeats Combine.
L: How do you know? You ever been close to Resistance?
RC: I can tell, having been into a Cell in my own time.
D1: Yo, foreigner, u cant know, my dad was in St. Ellis Street, when those Terro-
L: No, no, let the man speak. He sure is right, we┬┤ve got to fight illegal Aliens for a better living.
RC:Yes, got to fight the trespassing Alien Power, be free men again.
D2: Rest assure that we┬┤ll be carefree again. No more citadell peppered nuclear cancer. No more food shortages.
D1: No more 10 Years wait for a relocation coupon.
L: Soon will be allover.
RC: Yes, thats the ghost.
L: Would rather see you stalked, but that wouldnt help me, be CP. (Pulls out Pistol, shoots the foreigner into the chest)
Silence, watching RC, crawling towards Shepard.
RC:"HELP ME, Comrad."
S:"CANT help you, men. Goto die dignified, thats all, i can do for ya." (Drops some Eyestalktears into the mouth of the dieing man)
D!: Hey, dont you make an easy way out for that asshole, or ill report you to overwatch.
L: "Shut up, he is a teardrop dealer. They are big with CP! Check your troubles, weve got plenty already."
D2: "Have some free drops for me, Mr. Healer? Got some wounds to take care."
S:"Not for free, youngster."
[Car stops, 2 CPs enter.]
CP:"Drop your weapons. Citizens prepare to recive judgment."
D1:"We shot in selfdefense- he was a Resistancewarrior."
S: "Problems, Office-Sir?"
D2:"Im witness to that. He even bragged about it."
L: "We want to join, once we┬┤ve proofed our value. And we have a present.(Hands over record)"
CP:"Gotta confiscate that. Search him. Your papers citizen."
S: "Was no saint. Here, carefull -contains phital information."
(Hands over passport wrapped around a phial with tears)
CP:"Whish we had more citizens like you, Mr. Shep A. Hart"
CP:"404s ReLoCoupon states, designated to Zero2, so would have been a deader anyway. You three, hop out along, carry him."
CP:"Dont worry Shepard, gonna beat the crap out of those rats - for old times sake."
S:"Dont overdue it, Harsky. Life is going to beat them up anyway."

Avriel Trainspeach:
Welcome to the City ZeroThree Civil Transport-System. Please do not open doors or windows outside the station.

Be prepared to show your Relocation Coupon immidiatly if ordered by Civil Protection. Estimated Processtime for Inter-City-Transfer is 89 months, 23 days at the moment.
(2Blackmarket selling headcrabs)
Due to non-recent nuclear terrorism against a Universal union installation, respirators must be worren at all times, to avoid contamination with cobalt and gold-nucleoids. In Addition, due to recent tectonic activity, livingquarters and food rations are limited. Always remember, that cannibalism is a punishable offense, repeated criminal behaviour leading to transfer beyond the citys perimeters.
(3slavemarket, forced-labour-camp, gang shootout)
Now arriving at Cabstation 8, at the moment off-limits to non-combine personal, due to antlion infestation.
(antlion-infestation, thumber)
Help to rebuilt City ZeroThree, report, even if unsure, any Resistance activity. Your personal wellfare, as the wellfare of everyone within the city depends upon it.
(4Rioting Citypart bombed by gunships)
Now arriving at Cabstation 6: Dr. Breens feefree Anti-cancer treatment -closed due to massive quota overuse for the remainders of the week.Be sure to enlist to remain in a top position should quota be freed by renunciation of other patients.
Personal effects left behind in the train, will decontaminated by use of extensive heat. Do not sleep, squat or otherwise remain in the train, as decontamination machinery is unable to spare found bodys. Do not allow personal sentiment for the dead prohibit your search for safety.

Coments, Criticism and Typo-Pointers very, very welcome. Nevar forget im not a native speaker.
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