RC4.1 adds team play + various fixes

RC4.1 adds team play + various fixes

Some guys decided to attack each other with tanks and you can be one of them. /join #springtanks

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RC4.1 adds team play + various fixes

Post by knorke »

Actually I wanted to wait with new version until some bigger advances. Somehow waiting did not bring much advances so here is 4.1 with just some small fixes.
download here as .sdz here!

or here!

or from rapid: springtanks:latest

More or less complete list:
team games!
each player still has his own base and scores of players in same allyteam are added up to form ally score. well, like you would expect.
teams have names :shock:

b send all selected units to your base
v select all units carrying a flag
to turn off: F11 -> disable Spring Tanks | Hotkeys widget

ugly effects!
on unit respawn etc

-more mobile units, also slow down less when changing direction (still do a bit because they are tanks)
-LOS distance doubled so you can spot enemy units earlier and avoid/go around enemy units instead of "zomg surprise tank out of nowhere, head on bash."
-TakTak (small tanks) can take one more hit from Thulsa (big tank)

clumps up more for better tactic

score board now works in replay

Can not share units anymore (thanks [teh]MrCucumber for pointing it out)
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Re: RC4.1 adds team play + various fixes

Post by Forboding Angel »

side = [[GAYS]],
Lolwut? lol

I'm digging this new version much better. More tanks seem to be equal to better control overall and I felt less annoyance wrt balance as a result. Remember that the smaller your units to control are, the more minute balance things matter. A part of me would like to see a mode where you have giant armies of like 20 or 30 tanks and multiple flag locations per team in a mayhem sort of brawl. That sounds like a lot of fun to me. I think that you should increase acceleration on all the tanks to .2 (maybe more) as atm they feel very sluggish and hard to control in general, not just from a dead stop.

A game like this is kind of a clickfest (and that's one of the reasons it's so fun), so the units need to feel very responsive. It's a lot better than it has been in the past, but still could use a little tweaking.

Imo, your sounds need work, and the weapon effects that get shown are pretty boring really. Imo it would be neat if at least some of the bigger tanks attacks were ballistic and could be avoided with some uber micro.

Regarding sounds, feel free to dip into the sound effects in evo. There is a metric shitton to choose from, so you shouldn't have any shortage really. Same goes for effects, help yourself to any you find useful. If you want to see them ingame... evo has car repairer's ceg spawning widget. You use chili and have a menu of all cegs in the game so you can spawn them and see what they look like. That might be useful if you're wanting to see what all cegs are available in evo.

My only other gripe is that it needs music. Some seriously retro arcade music would be pretty win, or even just maybe some techno would hit the spot pretty good. Over at the newgrounds audio portal there is tons of artists to choose from and most of them are cc by nc so you could use them.

The AI is a LOT more fun this time around. It does do some silly things, like apparent indecision as to which way around it wants to take, but all in all pretty solid, and rather entertaining.

Imo, don't release a "gold" until you have it all polished and whatnot (of course, that's just my opinion, you can obviously do whatever you please), because imo this game has some real serious potential, and it's already a load of laughs which is a big plus.
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Re: RC4.1 adds team play + various fixes

Post by knorke »

oh, a feedback appears.
yes, i was thinking about some other game mode with more units as well.
The CTF mode does imo not play that good if there are too many units per side, so it will probally be something different.

Like capturing outposts and the more outposts you controll, the more units you get on each respawn. Or King Of The Hill or something.
Both is already done though, hm. Maybe an assymetric game like defender VS attacker.

Sounds & effects are really just place holders atm, if I see something nice I might take it. For sounds, finding weapon sounds will probally not be the problem, just did not get around to it.
Also already looked at some free sound sites for stuff like score annoucers etc.

While this "more polish" is def. important, the next step will be to implant a system of spawn & flag positions. For the SP I can put spawn positions anywhere using start scripts but for MP that does not work. Will probally be something like CT's rock system, indepedant of startboxes and map startpositions so that players do not have to worry about that.
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Re: RC4.1 adds team play + various fixes

Post by bobthedinosaur »

More Polish? I guess I can try this out in between my dsd8v8 , maybe I can even pretend to understand the code and pretend to use it for a project I pretend to work on.

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