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Some guys decided to attack each other with tanks and you can be one of them. /join #springtanks

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Re: Legality

Post by Jazcash »

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Re: Legality

Post by Wombat »

stop offtop jaz !


we hijack this thread for trolling purposes. its well hidden, nazi mods wont find it !


/edit by knorke:

zere will be ordnung in meinem forum!
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Re: Legality

Post by xman15user »

OMG sorry for not responding!!!! D:
thanks though for all the responses! :)

-sucky_lord LOL actually I use firefox and sometimes have so many tabs open i need tabgroups to sort through it all. XD
-midknight, thanks a lot for being the first answer!! you rock!! :)
-knorke 1: wait that makes no sense lol, if its copyright legal then how is it illegal XD XD (jk)
-smoth: oh hey again, thanks for your response to my other thread XD. PS: what's the ship thread u talk about XD
-Spliff: ur right, i'm quite paranoid in regards to this!! XD XD but i think ur also quite right lol no one cares XD
-knorke: thanks for the heads up! am dling spring tanks now.

and what is with the rest of these trolling-like messages?!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who actually responded XD. I really appreciate it!


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Re: Legality

Post by knorke »

am dling spring tanks now.
Nice :) If you have problems or comments just post.
and what is with the rest of these trolling-like messages?!
game is just too good for srsbsnss.
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Re: Legality

Post by Neddie »

On that note, thread lock! Have a good time with Spring Tanks.

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