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Engines of War Status Update

Posted: 09 Oct 2010, 02:52
by bobthedinosaur
Current status is "on hold". Sean and I have both been busy with school work, and I with other projects. A major factor in the stall is Skystar, who has been doing the majority of the lua coding. It seems Skystar is on an uncommunicated hiatus, that is he is missing. At the time he left we were starting to discuss the team's lack of communication and his voluntary undertaking of code projects that might seem too steep for an individual. There has been a lot done for the game the last year, but the last few months have been dead in activity. After the new spring release many of the old gadgets had issues, and Sky was not able to resolve them before he disappeared. We were in the middle of a gut of old lua code into new code, while most of the content was finished the game is not currently testable or playable.

So. We can wait for Sky to get back... We can assume he might nor return, and talk about filling his position. Or we can just put the project on hold.

I am still undecided. I have patience, but I am afraid that no one will want to work with the project and it will be moth balled.