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MacOS SpringRTS OSX Build

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Re: MacOS SpringRTS OSX Build

Post by PicassoCT »

The whole new GL we are getting has something of christmas.

Everyone is waiting for Santa Kloot.

Imagine: Shader on the map- without loosing the base shader framework.
All of shadertoys toys available- at near drag and drop.
This will be awesome.
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Re: MacOS SpringRTS OSX Build

Post by MaDDoX »

Hey Picasso, if you got any say on this, please try and make PBR (Physically based rendering) shaders possible in Spring. Like this, in ShaderToy:

That's what all high-end engines and professional art pipelines use and it makes a world of difference in terms of quality for both units and terrain. I've talked to Gajop about this extensively - even sent him some high end textured units for a game I'm working on, for Spring - but he told me that currently there was still some missing functionality in the engine for that to work.
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Re: MacOS SpringRTS OSX Build

Post by gajop »

gajop was (is) unfortunately too busy too work on it until the engine updates to new opengl
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