Lobby protocol / Uberserver versioning

Lobby protocol / Uberserver versioning

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Lobby protocol / Uberserver versioning

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Today we started tagging uberserver versions. Also today, we incremented the lobby protocol version, to 0.38, for the first time since 2014.

Each client now prints the current server version within the message of the day. It is also sent as arg of the TASSERVER command. This should help with debugging for lobby devs & those running external servers.

The format of the server version number is e.g. "0.38-2-g929d395". The 0.38 is the lobby protocol tag, which is rarely changed. The 2-g929d395 means that it is the 2nd commit to uberserver after protocol version 0.38 was tagged, with commit hash 929d395 (=> the newest commit is typically the live version).

Since all this is precisely what was already live, this makes no practical difference - except to mark the end of 2014-2019 during which Springs lobby protocol docs
https://springrts.com/dl/LobbyProtocol/ ... #Changelog
went through a poor state. They should now be accurate again.
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