engine settings profiles for graphics/performance

engine settings profiles for graphics/performance

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engine settings profiles for graphics/performance

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a thing lobby clients often have is a UI to edit the settings. Springlobby opens up spring settings (outdated), chobby has their own editor.

None seem to have a detailed settings editor that directly includes all settings mentioned in the wiki

even if they did, it's unreasonable to expect people to tweak the settings manually, so often "bundled" low/medium/high options should be used.

i've seen lowish settings often disable or set to too low stuff that's relevant for gameplay :
- i've seen people with decent computers show screenshots with no anti aliasing
- building decals disabled (which also breaks maps where the decals are used for metal spots)
- ground detail too low so most maps with defined "artificial" terrain with well defined edges (concrete, city, etc.) looked weird when zoomed out
- low profiles were setting the max particles too low so a lot of explosions wouldn't render past the early game as large battles happened

So, what key settings should be bundled to differentiate between low/medium/high/very high profiles?
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