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Confilct Terra Online

Posted: 07 Aug 2013, 07:04
by RussianNOOB
Hey guys! im new to the spring community and i noticed that almost noone is playing Conflict Terra and i dont have an ideas yet but was wondering if anybody had any suggestions about orginizing something, i dunno maybe like conflict terra games on saturdays or a tournament or you get the idea. but if anybody is interested just post your ideas below. THANKS! :)

Re: Confilct Terra Online

Posted: 17 Aug 2013, 08:55
by SanadaUjiosan
Hmmm is this a bot?

If not, then:

CT has never been even remotely popular. Truth be told it's been best at being a pet project for me, something to work on when the mood and enthusiasm strikes. I've barely thought about the game in months but I feel the urge slowly returning so I may return to working on the game for a few weeks before the same enthusiasm leaves.

If you'd really like to play someone I would be happy to try and make something work. I can probably drum up at least ONE other person (oksnoop2). He's pretty good about answering the call to play.

Re: Confilct Terra Online

Posted: 19 Aug 2013, 00:02
by RussianNOOB
ok! thanks for replying at least :)