License Change

License Change

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License Change

Post by SanadaUjiosan »

CT is (obviously) experiencing another period of development doldrums. This is primarily because I am currently dealing with rather powerful IRL issues. To put it shortly my father recently passed unexpectedly. CT is not shut down, I am just simply not working on it at this time.

To protect the assets I care most about, which are the models and textures, I am changing the license to state:
All contents of the following folders are not to be used without permission from the game author. He can be reached via e-mail at:

* objects3D
* unitpics
* unittextures

All scripts and code are considered public domain if not otherwise stated.
If this upsets anyone I apologize. The truth is that I've always been very protective of the art assets I created. CT's original all open-source approach was a mutual agreement between Oksnoop2 and I, but I honestly did not understand the scope of what that meant, being new to open source and game development. Understanding it better now, this feels more appropriate.

Honestly doubt many would want to use the models and textures anyways :wink:
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Re: License Change

Post by PicassoCT »

no more sellin others stuff on shaddy rip-off pages? Ooohhhh.. ;)

I wish you everything good, i hope you and your family cope with the shock.
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