Running multiplayer NOTA on Mac these days

Running multiplayer NOTA on Mac these days

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Running multiplayer NOTA on Mac these days

Post by TargetPrice »

Hi, I might be being dim or naive here, but is there a way to get NOTA multiplayer running on Mac? Hoping to play some games against friends (one Mac user, two PC users).

I can download the set up and install, get to the menu screen just fine. But on choosing multiplayer I have two options, a steam server or spring server.

Steam server option when selected just sits on a screen with Player Name and Player ID and spins forever.

Spring server option has a few more options. It offers Demo log in, with no registration - this takes me through to a lobby environment but there's only one option (that 2 players were in) and I can't create games.

If I select the ''Don't have an account?" option to try and register, it wants me to enter a name and password, but won't complete registration because there's no attached email. I can't see anywhere to add an email or register otherwise, and this is the latest version according to everything in NOTA and the website /forum that I can see.

Below that is the standard sign in with account name and password which is no good to me due to the aforementioned problem.

Anything I can do to resolve this?
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Re: Running multiplayer NOTA on Mac these days

Post by MasterBel »

Hi TargetPrice,

Sorry for missing your post. I don't often check this subforum. I assume the only machine you're having issues with is the Mac?

Try getting your friend to register an account for you, and then log in using that account/password. Let me know how this goes.

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Re: Running multiplayer NOTA on Mac these days

Post by PepeAmpere »

hi TargetPrice, I think we didn't release the newest version of Mac distribution yet, yes, with the older distribution it is not possible to create a new account but logging in should be still possible to log in with the existing version of mac distro (not confirmed, im not sure how big change happened in protocol/rules of logging since the last mac release). I created a ticket to resolve it, you can track the progress there:
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